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The Inherent Dangers of the New York City Subway

February 23, 2015 Train Accidents

Subway accidents are something unique to large urban areas, such as New York City. The New York City area has one of the most extensive subway and rail systems in the country, and personal injury lawyers look carefully at such public transit injuries.

Thousands of people are injured each year in New York subway accidents. Injuries happen in trains, on landings and platforms and in other parts of stations, as well as in and around entrances and exits. There are many different types of injury scenarios that local New York City train accident lawyers have to look at to determine who is responsible for compensating injured victims.

Types of New York City Subway Accidents

When it comes to public transit accidents that happen in New York City’s subway system, there are high-profile cases that many of us are familiar with, such as those that occur due to someone being pushed or shoved down onto subway rails. But other kinds of injury cases, while more obscure to the average person, are still fairly frequent. That said, area attorneys are often called upon to represent injured victims in slip and fall accidents that occur on stairs and floor surfaces, and various other types of subway-related incidents.

Claims for New York City Subway Injuries

Qualified lawyers understand how to get their clients the best chance of obtaining just compensation to cover their medical bills, lost wages, therapy costs and all other expenses that may strain household finances, as well as specific compensation for the pain and suffering caused by these types of accidents.

Skilled train accident attorneys in New York City bring specific knowledge of federal, state and local law and an understanding of case precedent and when third-party responsibility may be applicable to a case. These dedicated legal professionals advise clients of their legal options, keep them informed about the various aspects of their cases and take a personal injury case through the court system by doing the necessary fact-finding and research to support their client’s point of view and get an injury victim’s voice heard in a court of law.

Hurt individuals should note that in New York City, there is a 90-day notice of claim requirement in many cases. These are commonly referred to as “Notices of Claim,” and they are required by law and must be in writing. That being the case, it is best to get legal advice on how and where to file such notice, as well as the appropriate deadlines because if an injured individual fails to file it in a timely manner, he or she will lose the right to make a claim.

Anyone who is injured in a local New York City subway accident can rely on the experienced NYC accident attorneys at the professional law offices of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We have experience representing subway injury victims and their families.