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Impaired Visibility: Protecting Workers

September 11, 2015 Personal Injury

Among the many things that employers have to think about, one of them concerns the way that work spaces are laid out and how workers must physically navigate them every day. It’s important that work processes are well set up and designed for safety. Otherwise, unfortunate accidents could devastate frontline workers and severely impact the financial health of the business.

It only takes a couple of work injuries to close the doors at some companies — so if they’re not motivated by their employees’ own health, companies should be vigilant about workplace safety just as a matter of course. But too many companies either don’t have the tools and resources to keep safety a priority, or they just don’t put the effort needed into this critical area of oversight.

In terms of workspace visibility, those who are responsible for workplace safety have to think about whether people have space to do their jobs and whether the environment supports competent and safe work practices.

Sparks, Steam, Smoke

Many physical workplace processes involve materials or derivative conditions that limit visibility in the immediate space. For example, welding sparks or sparks from a grinder can really impact someone’s ability to see the area around them. The same is true for a significant volume of steam or smoke. Any firefighter can testify that as soon as smoke fills a room or space, visibility is down to just about zero. But even a very localized column of smoke, steam or vapor can create key blind spots on the work floor.

Equipment and Materials Moving

There can also be some dangers involved in getting equipment and materials where they need to be on the floor. For example, workers who have to store finished products may have to move equipment in order to complete some vital tasks, but if they don’t have the correct space to do so, that can cause problems.

Layout and adequate planning is essential for making sure workspaces are not cramped to the point of hazard. While it may be desirable for business to save space in order to save on utilities and leasing costs, those savings are not going to be effective if the company ignores basic safety protocols.

Comprehensive workplace safety is an investment, but it’s one that is well worth every dollar and those who think otherwise may be in for a rude awakening when they have to deal with the aftermath of an accident.

After an Accident

Professional injury lawyers play key roles in workplace accidents. Injury victims rely on their service and count on injury lawyers to keep them informed about all of their legal options, and possible outcomes of a workplace injury case.

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