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How to Avoid a Bicycle Accident this Spring

April 21, 2016 Bicycle Accidents,Personal Injury

According to statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, about 2% of deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes are bicyclists. The CDC reports that in 2013, more than 900 bicyclists were killed in accidents in the US and an estimated 494,000 bicycle-related injuries led to emergency hospital visits.

Bicycle Safety-How to not get hit by other motorists

Bicycle safety-how to not get hit by other motorists. But if you do and it was their fault, you have the right to seek damages via a lawsuit. This is when you need to call RMFW Law at 212 697 9280.

Statistics reveal that a large percentage of cyclist casualties are adults – children make up approximately 11% of these casualties. Most bicycle accidents occur during spring or summer compared to autumn and winter.

Tips to Avoid Bicycle Accidents

Hundreds of cyclists are killed each year across the nation, and thousands more injured as a result of collisions with motor vehicles. There are steps that you can take to make sure that you avoid becoming a statistic, including:

  • Wear a proper helmet – Reports reveal that in many bicyclist deaths, the head is where the most serious injuries are located. This highlights the importance of wearing a properly-fitting helmet every time you ride your bike. It is a fantastic idea to get one that has a visor and reflector to help increase your visibility after dark. Helmets are undoubtedly one of the most effective tools to prevent traumatic brain injury.
  • Remember that your cycle is a vehicle – It may not have an engine, but you should keep in mind that your bicycle is a vehicle. You need to obey all traffic rules and signals, just as any other driver would but cyclists can get away with certain things on the road as long as they do not hold up traffic and are not too blatant with breaking the law since they are on a bike, in most parts of the country they are cut some slack. While you are riding on the street, you need to move with the traffic flow as well.
  • Be aware of other drivers – The law requires drivers to share the road with bicyclists, but this does not mean that they always look out for them. If you are passing cars that are parked, make sure that you look out for those that may open their door or waiting to pull out into traffic. If possible, give your bike enough space away from the parked vehicle.
  • Make yourself visible – It is important to make sure that you increase your visibility at all times, day or night. This means that you need to wear bright clothes, or even take the extra measure of adding reflective strips to your bike and clothing. This will go a long way in helping you lower the chances of getting involved in an accident with a vehicle.

If you are riding a bicycle and are injured in an accident, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Motor vehicle drivers are required to exercise caution and look out for cyclists while on the road. When an accident is caused by a negligent or inattentive driver, they are considered liable under the law and you can file a personal injury claim against them.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision with a motor vehicle while riding a bicycle, you should immediately seek the help of the reliable, striking, and experienced personal injury attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff, & Wolff of RMFW Law at 212 697 9280.

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