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How our Personal Injury Lawyers can Help You in Auto Accident Lawsuits

August 18, 2015 Legal Terminology,Personal Injury

Our personal injury lawyers can legally represent you and secure for you the best compensation package in an auto accident lawsuit, in New York.

Auto accidents can be catastrophic for your financial well being

Auto accidents can be catastrophic for your financial well being.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance also known as PIP is an extension of the automobile insurance that covers medical expenses in case of an accident. It is mandatory to have PIP insurance coverage in the state of New York. Personal Injury Protection Insurance pays for medical expenses, loss of wages and funeral expenses, during and after accidents. It can also be used to cover emotional distress, pain & suffering, and trauma due to a mental injury.

PIP is a no-fault insurance coverage. Even if the claimant of the PIP benefit is at fault for the accident, the individual can receive the coverage benefits. If an auto accident occurs in New York, the PIP or no-fault insurance policy pays medical expenses and lost earnings up to a max of $50,000 to the policyholder, his/her passengers and the pedestrians. If there is negligence on part of the driver, then the plaintiff can seek damages for pain and trauma due to serious injuries.

Insurance companies may delay the settlement processes and in some cases, settling with the insured might be a better option if there is reasonable offer of settlement from the insurance company. A trial might result in a better judgment in favor of the plaintiff, but considering the years of litigation involved, our expert personal injury lawyers can guide you through the best options available under the circumstances.

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Assessing the magnitude and intensity of grievous injuries in terms of money’s worth is always difficult and challenging. Accident compensation is mostly measured in terms of the severity of injuries, the medical treatment, the medical bills, the duration of the treatment, and the recovery time. Our experienced personal injury lawyers can get the highest range of compensation in such cases.

If you are injured in an auto accident due to the negligence of an employee or agency of the government in New York, the rules to claim compensation for your losses, are different. Our personal injury lawyers are highly qualified to handle such claims against the government.

Fundamental Information

New York law mandates that all motorist have uninsured motorist coverage on their auto insurance policies. But in case if you are injured in an auto accident, and the motorist does not have an insurance coverage, then you can claim benefits under your uninsured motorist section of your auto insurance policy.

If you are a victim of hit and run accident, then you may seek recovery under the insurance fund of the New York Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Company. The fund pays the victims of drivers of stolen vehicles and uninsured motorists a limited amount of $25,000 per accident.

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