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Henry Hudson Parkway Crash

May 15, 2015 Car Accidents

Dangerous multi-vehicle crashes can cause enormous amounts of damage, as well as loss of life. They might also be quite difficult to resolve from a legal standpoint.

For example, this past March, as dangerous sheets of ice froze over major roadways in New York, authorities reported a multi-vehicle crash on the Henry Hudson Parkway in the Cortland Park area of the Bronx involving more than 15 vehicles. Aerial coverage showed the Henry Hudson Parkway split with Moshulu Parkway, where several cars had gone out of control and left their lanes. The accident blocked northbound lanes of the parkway, and also caused delays on other major roads in the area.

The Henry Hudson Parkway accident was one of several multi-car crashes in the area, but the largest at that time. No serious injuries were reported, but there was obvious damage to the numerous vehicles involved and major traffic delays with many first responders on the scene.

Although some multi-vehicle accidents happen without serious injury to drivers or passengers, others involve much more tragic consequences. Many multi-vehicle accidents tend to be compounded by the risks of oncoming traffic encountering unanticipated obstacles and changing traffic patterns that can lead to dangerous secondary accidents.

Deciphering Multi-Vehicle Accidents
One of the major challenges in multi-vehicle accidents is using evidence at the scene or other resources to determine who was at fault in an accident. This is made more difficult by New York’s comparative fault system in which courts must attach a level of comparative fault to each party to determine their liability.

That said, it’s not as easy as just saying that a single driver “caused” a pileup or a multi-vehicle accident. Experts have to look at the trajectory and involvement of each vehicle, as well as other existing conditions around the accident.

This is an important part of the process for injury lawyers representing traffic accident injury victims. Even minor injuries can lead to huge medical bills, along with lost wages and other aspects for which the victim needs compensation. But in order to properly assess the amount of adequate compensation needed for a case, it’s necessary to determine fault, as well as any possible third-party responsibility.

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