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Having difficulties evaluating your pain and suffering in your personal injury claim?

November 14, 2015 Personal Injury,Personal Injury FAQs

At the point of filing an auto accident personal injury claim with your insurance company, you may be comfortable collecting documents pertaining to your car repairs or special damages such as personal injury medical bills, income loss certificates, therapy and rehabilitation expenses statements, police records, and witness testimonials.

However, it may be difficult evaluating your general damages that include your pain and suffering, emotional trauma, depression and anxiety which you underwent through after the accident. The shock and anxiety can still linger in your mind disabling you from performing your normal duties.

Putting monetary value to a personal injury claim is complex which needs expertise of a personal injury lawyer

Applying monetary value to a personal injury claim is complex which needs the expertise of a personal injury lawyer.

Such emotional distress can be treated only by psychiatrists and psychologists who are trained professionals to handle such mental issues. If you find it difficult to evaluate your general damages call our New York City personal injury lawyer for help. They have the experience and expertise to guide you in such situations.

Claim Adjusters are Paid Professionals

You are all set to return to work after receiving a clearance from your primary care physician. You still have some pain in some areas where you suffered injuries. You prepare your documentation including your demand for settlement letter, for claiming compensation from the insurance company. Yet you are not sure about adding a value to your pain & suffering due to the accident.

Adjusters receive your claim application or request for compensation and feed the most pertinent accident and personal data in their software application exclusively designed and developed for claims management. The application takes a scientific view of your entire experience and evaluates your compensation. The claim adjuster is well trained to handle such situations where they need to strike a balance between the claimant’s interest as well as their employer’s business interests.

Convincing the Adjuster

You are expected to present the most crucial evidence that showcases your pain and suffering so that the adjuster is convinced to offer you the right compensation. You are expected to convince the adjuster of:

  • Your pain
  • The intensity of your pain and suffering
  • The duration of your suffering
  • The emotional and psychological impact you experienced due to the pain and suffering

The right medical certification from a stellar and reliable medical professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist will go a long way in establishing the magnitude of your emotional suffering.

Magnitude of the Injury

Adjusters and attorneys consider the 1-5x system to evaluate pain and suffering. One represents lowest level of pain and suffering and five being the highest intensity. Several factors are taken into consideration for the assessment of Insured’s liability. You may also seek the help of New York City personal injury lawyer for assistance in personal injury cases of serious nature.

Other factors the claim adjuster considers while deciding a compensation amount, include:

  • Past verdicts in personal injury cases
  • Extraordinary situations
  • Insured’s liability if any
  • Medical condition of the insured

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