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Former professional hockey players pursue brain injury lawsuit

November 29, 2013 Brain Injury

On behalf of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP

We New Yorkers love our sports teams, but some athletes are becoming concerned that their leagues do not show adequate concern about their well-being. We have seen an increase in reports of brain injuries in professional wrestling and football. This is due to advancements in research about traumatic brain injury and also the numerous lawsuits related to these injuries.

Now, 10 former National Hockey League players are seeking a class-action suit alleging that the NHL did not do enough to prevent these injuries. The players claim that the league failed to disclose the risks of brain injuries that the players were facing.

The National Football League recently settled with thousands of former players for $765 million. These players said they suffered ill effects related to head injuries. Some players claimed that they developed dementia as a result of concussions.

According to the Mayo Clinic, concussions can also result in “post-concussion syndrome,” which includes symptoms such as mood swings, depression, severe headaches and migraines, insomnia and a number of other physical, psychological and behavioral issues.

There are numerous causes of brain injuries. Sports-related concussions may be overlooked by coaches or team doctors, as has been alleged by professional and college athletes. Car accidents are also a common cause of head and neck injuries.

The failure to diagnose or properly treat a concussion or other “minor” head injury can result in long-term health effects and make even daily activities a challenge. The expenses associated with these injuries can pile up, making an already challenging situation even more precarious. By seeking compensation through civil litigation, those suffering from the effects of brain injuries and their families can get money to cover some of these costs.

Source: ESPN, “NHL concussions lawsuit: 10 former players claim NHL hasn’t adequately protected against head injuries” Frederic J. Frommer, Nov. 25, 2013