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Filing Personal Injury Claims After a Car Accident

June 25, 2014 Car Accidents

On behalf of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP

Thousands of people are involved in vehicle accidents each year. The collision might be a minor fender bender or a major accident. Either way, it might involve making a personal injury claim for damages with your own insurance company or with that of the other driver.
New-York-Vision-Zero-300x240Your personal injury lawyer will be able to file a lawsuit on your behalf and will also be able to negotiate with the other parties.

What to do at the Scene of the Accident

The first thing you should do is ensure that no one in your vehicle, including yourself, is injured in the car accident. If someone seems to be injured, however minor it may seem at the moment, be sure to call the paramedics. A seemingly minor injury, if ignored, can be the cause of several long-term problems later on. When the accident victim seeks medical attention, it also aids the ultimate success of any damages or personal injury claims.

Call the police and ask for an officer to be sent to the scene of the accident. It is important at the time of the accident to have a police report created to ascertain which driver is at fault legally. You should also note down the address, name, driver’s license, insurance information, and vehicle licenses of all the drivers who were involved in the car accident. You should also gather the names and contact details of any persons who witnessed the accident take place.

If you are able to, take photographs of the accident scene. Photographs should be of the location of the traffic signals, the vehicles

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal-Accident-Insurance-300x199When you are filing a personal injury lawsuit, you need an advocate to support you.

involved in the accident, as well as any debris, skid marks, or any other evidence. You should also make a note of the road and weather conditions at the time when the accident occurred. Do not make any statements to any other drivers as they may be used against you in a personal injury claim.

Seeking Medical Care

This is a very important step not just in a personal injury claim, but also to ensure that you haven’t suffered any major injuries. After a car accident, if you want to make a personal injury claim for monetary damages resulting from bodily injury, this will largely depend on having a concise medical report that documents your injuries, how they have been caused by the accident, and how they have impacted your life.

Dealing with Insurers

You should contact your car insurance company as soon as you possibly can, to report that you have been in a car accident. They will assign to you a claims adjuster and claim number to handle your claim. You will be asked for a recorded statement of your

version of the accident and will be asked for pertinent information.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

It can be a difficult task to deal with an insurance company. To face the ordeal of having to provide necessary information and documentation to insurer and to engage in negotiations to settle claims can be a tedious process. The best thing to do would be to hire a qualified lawyer who can take care of your personal injury claim and get you the best possible financial compensation.