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Filing a Subway Litigation Case

November 29, 2015 Train Accidents

Approximately 4 million people depend on the subways in New York City for daily commuting and transportation. The New York City Transit Authority operates the subway system in the city, and is legally obligated to ensure passenger safety and hazard-free commuting facility for them. Some of the necessary actions expected in this regard are:

  • Proper maintenance of subway infrastructure such as lighting, chairs, waiting areas, toilets, sufficient trash cans, drinking water facility, and more
  • Proper maintenance of subway trains
  • Proper maintenance of subway train tracks to ensure that no hazardous obstacles lie in the path of the train
  • Hygiene maintenance in subways as well as trains
  • Removal and proper disposal of any hazardous material found in and around subways and trains
  • Periodic check on train performance, condition of spares, lubrication, and cleaning
  • Equipping subways and trains with the necessary safety equipment, first aid kit, and sufficient fire extinguishers
  • Ensuring overall safety of females and senior citizens, as well as other passengers
  • Staffing experienced operators to man and control trains running throughout the city
  • Providing subways with sufficient safety and security personnel to manage any crisis situation
  • Proper maintenance of train doors to ensure they open and close properly

Reasons for Subway Accidents

A subway accident lawsuit involving personal injury can help the victim or the family of the victim claim charges and compensation for the losses incurred

A subway accident lawsuit involving a personal injury can help the victim or the family of the victim claim compensation for the losses incurred.

Most subway accidents in New York City are the consequence of negligence by any of the personnel involved. Carelessness of any form can result in massive subway accidents that may take a toll on thousands of innocent lives and their families. Some frequently encountered causes of subway accidents are:

  • Unskilled or inexperienced operators
  • Failure to equip trains or subways with necessary safety gear and fire extinguishers
  • Failure to maintain the trains, train tracks and emergency evacuation routes
  • Failure to clean tracks and remove hazardous material that could obstruct the train
  • Wiring mistakes that could cause short circuits, fires or explosions in the subway or trains
  • Poor maintenance of subway
  • Failure to replace defective equipment, or spare parts of the train
  • Improper management of train schedules due to lack of experience
  • Turnstile injuries
  • Doors that do not open or close at the right speed and time
  • Subway crashes
  • Slippery floors in the subway or on trains
  • Poorly maintained subway infrastructure and platforms
  • Improper communication through warning signs or direction signboards

Legal Entitlements for the Victim

A subway accident lawsuit involving personal injury can help the victim or the family of the victim claim charges and compensation for the losses incurred. The New York City subway accident attorney can conduct a thorough investigation of the case, and derive the required evidence that can nail the negligent party’s liability. Based on the severity of the accident and available evidence, the impacted party may be entitled for:

  • Loss of earnings due to disability caused by the accident
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospital charges
  • Long-term treatment charges
  • Funeral costs
  • Pain, anguish, and suffering

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