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Fatal Consequences After Head-On Wrong Way Accident in New York

September 25, 2017 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Wrong-way accidents are often head-on collisions and the consequences are often fatal. Family members of victims killed in wrong-way accidents should consult with a New York City motor vehicle accident attorney as soon as possible following a crash to understand the process for holding the driver accountable.

Motorists who go the wrong way on roadways are often intoxicated, asleep at the wheel, or otherwise behaving negligently or in violation of the rules of the road. They should be held accountable both for injuries they cause and when fatalities result from drivers going the wrong way.

One recent wrong-way crash shows why these accidents can be so dangerous. CBS New York reported on the wrong-way accident, which was a head-on crash that left a woman dead.

Wrong Way Accidents are Often Fatal Head-On Crashes

According to CBS News, the recent wrong-way accident happened on the Hutchinson River Parkway. The incident occurred around 4:30 AM. A female driver of a Kia Sorrento was traveling with another female passenger. She was going the wrong way on the highway near the Weaver Street exit in Scarsdale when the accident happened. The wrong-way driver in the Kia Sorrento hit a Land Rover head-on as the Land Rover was traveling in a northbound direction.

The woman who was driving the Kia Sorrento was killed at the scene of the accident. The passenger who was in the Kia at the time was critically injured and, as of the time of the CBS report on the accident, she was undergoing surgery to treat her injuries.  The driver of the Land Rover was also injured, but his injuries were described as serious but not critical. Another motorist was also involved in the accident as well, as a black sedan veered into the woods to try to avoid the collision. The sedan driver was not injured.

The crash was a serious one because when cars collide head-on, the force of the impact is magnified.  The CBS report indicates that the Kia the deceased woman was traveling in was left as nothing more than a “mangled, twisted husk” after the direct crash into the front of the Land Rover.  When these accidents happen on highways, they are often high-speed crashes, which only serves to further compound the force.

Wrong way accidents don’t just happen – a driver who is going in the wrong direction has to make a major error for this mistake to occur. The CBS report on this particular accident indicates that it is too early to tell if alcohol or drugs were involved in the driver going the wrong way. But, whatever happened, victims including passengers and other motorists should make sure they know their rights.

Whenever a wrong way accident happens, it is important for those hurt or the families of those killed to take legal action. A New York City motor vehicle accident attorney should be consulted to provide advocacy and representation to those who wish to obtain compensation for losses from wrong way drivers who cause head-on crashes to occur.