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How Did You Fall?

April 13, 2015 Premises Liability,Slip and Fall

Did you fall on a slick or uneven surface? Were you pushed? Was something on the floor that wasn’t supposed to be there? Did you fall while under stress, trying to complete some task as part of your job? All of these are questions that injury victims might be asked after a slip and fall accident, and all of them can have a bearing on a personal injury claim.

Still, asking the questions is the easy part. Injury attorneys also have to review federal, state and local law and determine how the laws might apply to a particular situation. While some lawyers might make blanket statements about slip and fall cases being generally unappealing or hard to litigate, it really comes down to a case-by-case analysis of the situation at hand.

The actual legal statutes, combined with all the facts surrounding the accident scene, coalesce into a type of legal scenario that experienced injury attorneys know how to evaluate to properly advise their clients of what they may face in court.

Assessing Slip and Fall Cases

Injury lawyers will often look for a pattern of information that will help build a more solid injury case. This may involve a search for repeat violations by a business owner or other party, particularly with respect to allowing hazardous conditions to exist, such as slick or wet floors. It may involve looking at whether snow and ice was a “reasonably obvious” safety hazard or it may require a look at when a storm started and stopped.

It might also involve looking at the status of the person who was involved in the slip and fall accident. For instance, the attorney will need to determine whether there was an ‘invitation’ on the part of the business or other property owner or was the individual someone who was not authorized to be on the site when the accident happened.

Most injury victims do not know the law or how it might apply to their cases. That is why they depend on qualified and experienced legal teams to guide them through the legal process. Victims often want to know how to initiate their personal injury cases, and they seek legal guidance from attorneys who will not only document and build their cases, but also walk them through the process of legal hearings and other case-related events.

Injury victims who are provided accurate and adequate information can make the best choices about possible settlements or court awards that can be used to protect their family’s finances against medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

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