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Elevators can Go Wrong While Being Installed, Maintained, or When in Use

October 11, 2015 Elevator Accidents,Personal Injury,Personal Injury FAQs,Premises Liability

Elevator Commercial & Residential High-rises

Millions use elevators to move up and down the buildings they either work or live. There are around 900,000 elevators in use in the United States, and New York City buildings house around 80,000 of them. Elevators can go wrong while being installed, maintained, or when in use. Many service engineers have lost their lives while handling elevator service calls.

Maintenance of elevators is responsibility of property owner, who can be sued if its malfunction leads to injuryor death

The maintenance of elevators is the responsibility of property owner. They can be legally behind bars if their pitiful elevator maintenance leads to someone being injured or killed. Call 212 697 9280 to speak to a winning law firm.

There have been several accidents with elevator doors in past several years. Enough to trigger in January of 2015 the Consumer Product Safety Commission has been requested to stipulate safety standards for residential elevators under the Consumer Product Safety Act. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission report, each year 27 people die in elevator related accidents and around 10,000 are injured. Around 1,600 people were injured in residential elevator accidents between 2011 and 2012.

Wrongful Deaths Due to Elevator Mishaps

Elevator cabins drop down without any warning, or go up without any notice, trapping passengers especially kids in between the door and floor ceiling. Sometimes, elevator users fall into the shaft when the faulty cabin doors open when they are not supposed to open.

If you have lost your loved one in a catastrophic elevator accident, you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the property owner for negligence and fault. You are entitled to receive compensation for damages such as lost companionship, loss of wages, and funeral expenses. Contact the experienced elevator accident attorney in New York for legal help.

Legal Remedies are Available

You have legal options to recover damages you suffer in an elevator accident in New York.

  • As a worker in a commercial building/property, you can file a workers’ compensation claim if you have suffered injuries while attending to elevator maintenance jobs.
  • If you have suffered injuries as a user of an elevator, you can file a premises liability claim for negligence and insufficient maintenance.
  • You can file a product liability claim for defective products and components from the product manufacturer.

Elevator Safety

The Department of Buildings’ Elevator Division [www.nyc.gov] manages and supervises the NYC elevators’ use, operation and safety. The division posts a list of top elevator offenders in the city. This list is based on complaints, maintenance reports, violations, and inspection records.

  • Based on the type of elevator, the elevator division organizes inspection of elevators each year.
  • The inspection results are posted online through the Building Inspection System – BIS.
  • A copy of the inspection certificate needs to be placed inside the elevator cabin for public attention.

Major Causes of Elevator Accidents

Elevator accidents happen due to:

  • Slippery floors inside the cabin
  • Elevator misalignment with floor level
  • Service and maintenance issues
  • Unforeseen ascend or descend of the cabin
  • Electrical and electronic circuit malfunction
  • Mechanical and hydraulic system malfunction
  • Faulty door sensors

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