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Drunk Driver Hit Bikers, Causes Serious Injuries

September 27, 2017 Bicycle Accidents,Personal Injury

Bicycle riders face a significantly increased risk of being hurt or killed in an auto accident when they are involved in a collision with a motor vehicle. A bicycle rider who is hurt, or the family members of a bicycle rider killed in a crash, should consult with a New York City car accident law firm to explore options for pursuing a case for compensation.

One recent tragic accident showed just how dangerous a collision can be when it involves bike riders. NY Post reported on the accident, which happened during a city-wide bicycle tour.

Bicycle Accident Involving Drunk Driver Causes Critical Injury

Four bicycle riders were involved in the recent traffic accident the NY Post reported on. The bicycle riders were parked at 12th Avenue at 39th Street, which is a location in Borough Park. The bicycle riders were parked at this spot as they waited for a traffic light to change so they could continue their city tour. Unfortunately, while they were waiting, an allegedly intoxicated driver struck them and critically injured one of the bicyclists.

The drunk driver pulled his vehicle out of a parking spot at approximately 9:15 AM, shortly before the accident occurred. The driver stopped behind the bicycle riders briefly after he saw them at the red light. However, he then proceeded to accelerate his vehicle and to drive directly into the group of bicycle riders who were stopped at the light.

After he had driven into the crowd, he allegedly stopped and reversed his car. As he did so, he pinned a 55-year-old woman underneath the vehicle.  The victim pinned under the car described the experience as terrible. While passengers tried to help extract her from under the car, they had to stop because of the risks of permanent injury. The passenger that was trapped had her right arm in an unnatural position because she was forced under the car with her arm positioned up above her head.

A witness described the incident as a horrible scene, and indicates that it appeared the driver who had plowed into the bicycle riders was essentially knocking the riders over as if they were dominoes.  One of the victims initially feared that the incident was a part of a terror attack, as there have been several recent incidents in which terrorists drove vehicles into crowds of people including in Nice and Barcelona. However, witnesses indicate that when the driver got out of the car, he appeared to be intoxicated with bloodshot eyes.

The accident remains under investigation, but it seems clear that the driver will  — in some way – be held responsible for the damage he caused to the bicycle riders, including for the critical injuries caused to one of the bicyclists.

After any bike accident, victims will need to reach out to a New York City car accident law firm to get help determining if they have a legal right to make a claim against a driver who hit them.