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Doors and Windows: Be Vigilant on Property Upkeep

July 15, 2015 Premises Liability

Too many business owners do not take the time to evaluate the physical properties that they use to offer products and services to consumers. The problem of the absentee owner contributes to many preventable accidents around New York City and other areas simply because no one takes on the responsibility of keeping business locations safe.

Although these kinds of problems exist even in large chain businesses or franchises, they are often more evident in small local businesses without corporate oversight. Regardless of the industry or profession, every business leader has to keep the customer’s safety, as well as the safety of visitors, at the forefront of everyday business efforts.

Inspecting Doors and Windows
Deteriorating doors and windows are a major part of a physical inspection of a facility. Those taking a tour of the building should look for any instances where entrances or exits are improperly blocked off or permanently closed. They should look for rotting wood that holds other materials in place, protruding metal or glass, or other sharp materials that could harm visitors.

Facility damage can be dangerous in many different ways. For example, lack of safety rails or other equipment can lead to devastating falls that can result in spinal injuries. It’s critical that business owners take a close look at properties through an average visitor’s eyes to look at how people might access the building or space when they’re not familiar with what is inside. Those who work in a business get too familiar with business as usual and often don’t understand how newcomers could make mistakes that would jeopardize their safety.

Other kinds of hazards, like sidewalk conditions, obstructions in pathways, snow or ice gathered on roof tops and holes or weak spots in flooring also demand their own consideration in premises inspections. What all of this adds up to is a considerable amount of potential liability for a business that does not conduct “walking audits” of its locations on a regular basis.

When injury lawyers look at premises cases, they look at whether there was an “obvious hazard” and apply standards according to federal, state and local law. They may find there was a pattern where a business was warned about unsafe conditions and did nothing. Where professional injury attorneys can find this evidence of negligence, they can bring it to bear on a personal injury claim to help their clients get justice in local courts.

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