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Don’t Wait on a Concussion

July 31, 2015 Brain Injury,Car Accidents

Anytime someone sees an accident occur, there’s the difficult question of how to respond. Some types of accidents seem relatively minor — a person sustains a bit of a blow from a falling object, bumps his or her head on a fixed installation or falls from a certain height — and the individual appears to be okay shortly afterwards.

However, there are other considerations that many people leave out of the equation when they start thinking about how to respond to an observed accident, particularly with respect to the legal ramifications that really make immediate medical testing a big priority.

Litigation After the Fact
At the time an accident occurs, most people are not thinking about responsibility or litigation. They’re thinking about safety, which is natural. But over time as individuals begin to deal with the aftermath of an accident, legal issues become much more evident. That’s when people sometimes wish they had checked into things a bit quicker after the accident occurred instead of delaying the examination.

Basic Tests
With respect to concussions, responders basically test the cognitive functions of the brain. That’s why they use simple tests like asking, “How many fingers am I holding up?” along with basic questions about the person’s name and age and their immediate conditions and surroundings. Asking these sorts of questions is part of basic and immediate testing that can be followed by extensive medical testing later.

Medical Evaluation
If there’s evidence of an injury, the victim needs to go to a qualified medical professional. It’s surprising how often people wait on this, especially since every hour and day counts. It’s not just a question of providing the care that’s needed to minimize the extent of the damage incurred. It’s also a question of documenting the issues at hand. Injury attorneys understand the immediacy of this and they often take care to counsel their clients about how to get quick, professional and impartial medical services.

Protecting Injury Victims
Like doctors, injury lawyers protect victims in their own way. They do this by evaluating a case fully and looking for the best chances of securing compensation for the costs of care. Even very minor doctor bills can easily strip a family’s ability to pay, and if they are lacking any kind of comprehensive insurance, even a small accident can place a household in hard financial times.

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