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Do You Do Windows?

December 21, 2015 Construction Accidents

When individuals who don’t live in New York City think about the city, they’re likely to picture big, tall, towering buildings and workers scaling great heights to use squeegees on all of those windows that go up so many stories. In fact, a lot of people visiting the city remark on this amazing kind of work and the courage and bravery it takes to do it.

So in cities like New York, asking a company, “Do you do windows?” is actually a very loaded question. There’s a lot of effort and cost involved in getting windows cleaned far above the ground. And companies are often advised not to enter into these contracts without a very good safety policy.

The reason is that there are laws in place to really penalize companies that don’t invest in proper safety for these very dangerous activities. Experts in New York law often refer to a piece of legislation called New York Labor Law 240 — the text of which refers to the erection or alteration of a tall structure — and this law is applied in different ways to many different types of activities that happen far above the ground. This and other laws will provide a basis for a lawyer to question a company’s responsibility in court if there is a work accident in which someone is harmed while working up in the air.

Companies have a responsibility to provide window washers and other similarly courageous workers with the right types of safety gear and provide them with the right kind of training, as well as make sure various types of safety precautions are in place. If not, they can often be found liable when there’s an accident. A New York injury lawyer who is working on a case for an injury victim will use federal, state and local law, as well as case precedent, to look for third party responsibility and pursue compensation for the injured worker.

Such attorneys will look at whether a company provided or failed to provide safety belts, harnesses and other gear. They’ll look at whether ladders or scaffolding were in good condition and set up correctly. They will even consider whether site debris or equipment or materials caused a hazard by blocking a pathway or a door. All of this goes into a concerted effort by a qualified injury lawyer to help the victim and his or her family obtain justice after a work accident.

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