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What is a Day in the Life Video

May 18, 2015 Legal Terminology,Personal Injury

Victim of a Catastrophic Accident

In a catastrophic accident case, the injured victim has suffered severe, horrible, and disabling injuries, where he cannot care for himself. Chances are such victims are in a nursing home, in a rehabilitation facility, or maybe they are at home receiving 24-hour care. Rather than bringing the jury into their homes or into their lives, which is very difficult to do, it is better to make a day in the life video.

Personal Injury Case

A day in the life video can help you in gaining jury sympathy.

This day in the life video is designed to give the jury an insight and a look directly into the victim’s life, right from the beginning when he wakes up in the morning through to the end of the day. The way the jury can have a viewpoint, and they can see what happens in a typical day in the life of the injured victim.

What can a Day in the Life Video Do?

Day in the life video is an excellent medium to explain or to display to the jury exactly what has gone on. The person taking the video will actually go into the place where the injured victim is residing, video the patient in order to show what the victim can and cannot do, throughout the entire course of a day. Such a video will give the jury an insight as to what this victim has to deal with, on an everyday basis.

It is one thing to have somebody else talk about what the victim went through, and it is actually another thing for the jury to see with their own eyes and to hear exactly the disabilities the victim is suffering. The jury will be able to see that he is unable to get up from his wheelchair, he is not able to go to the bathroom on his own, and that he needs help clearing out the tube that is inserted in his throat. The jury will see that the victim needs help when it comes to bathing, to go to the bathroom, and that the person is unable to do most of the normal activities on his own.

Every Aspect Affected

This is the insight that you want this video to convey to the court, and a true understanding about what this person has to deal with. Additionally, it is not just what the victim has to deal with, but it is also his entire family. The entire family now has to contribute and it is affected because of the person’s injuries. Every single member in the household, and every family and friend that comes to visit has to interact in a particular way with the person.

This person’s quality of life has been railroaded because of this injury.

Based on this understanding, day in the life video follows the victim from morning until night, and it presents to the jury an encapsulated version of what this person is enduring on a day-to-day basis.