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Daily Site Inspections

January 8, 2016 Construction Accidents,Workers' Compensation

In various types of construction jobs, the outcome of many safety-related issues come down to something very simple – the need to have someone monitoring or inspecting the site and walking around the work area on a regular basis.

In reality, companies really shouldn’t wait for outside auditors to come in and look at how safe their worksites are. Still, in some instances, it takes an outside pair of eyes to come in and implement proper safety protocols. For example, a federal or state regulator may come and take a look at the job site. This isn’t really what companies want, but it often occurs when business leaders don’t take it upon themselves to inspect their own work areas.

What to Look For

Companies should have someone assigned and ready to take a look at worksites on a regular basis, even if it’s on a daily basis where appropriate, and look at any safety hazards that may exist. Are tools and equipment, as well as materials put away and stored properly at the end of the day so that they don’t become a hazard the next day? Is site debris collecting in places like stairwells, elevators where people could slip and fall? Is equipment properly maintained and inspected to make sure that it’s in safe and serviceable condition? All of these are basic questions which may not get answered if someone is not delegated to check the worksites regularly.

It’s true that companies can make all the rules and protocols they want, but the frontline workers on a site (and even their supervisors) may not take the time or make an effort to really implement 100% of the safety guidelines that help save companies from liability.

Unfortunately, when safety practices become lax, injury often occurs. This is where personal injury lawyers come in. They can look deeper into what occurred and determine whether proper safety precautions were in place. Skilled lawyers can identify third-party responsibility that may be used to compensate the injury victim for the cost of care and recovery.

The work of bringing a work injury case through the legal process is very much a day to day challenge, and injury victims need help on several fronts. They need adequate and qualified representation in court. They need questions answered about the legal process. And they need to understand the options that are available to them under the law.

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