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Construction Falls

September 4, 2015 Construction Accidents,Slip and Fall

In evaluating a trip and fall case, professional workplace injury attorneys must closely examine the details and facts to understand how an accident happened and whether any third parties have a responsibility to compensate the injury victim.

Some of these types of details involve the extent of the accident, and thus, the extent of the injury. How hard did the worker hit a certain obstacle causing him or her to trip? How hard did he or she fall? And no less important, how did he or she fall?

These lawyers will also look at factors, including whether floors were secured and clear of obstacles at foot level, as well as whether ladders and scaffolding were correctly set up and unobtrusive to work processes. They may even look at outside traditional factors, such as whether inclement weather was involved, or whether pressure and a “hurry up” atmosphere contributed to the accident.

As an additional relevant inquiry, injury lawyers will look at whether tools failed or whether any product had a defect that contributed to the accident. In any case of defect or malfunction, lawyers can bring suit against the manufacturers of tools or work materials.

Collecting this information is important to establish some of the cause-and-effect that would be helpful to point out in court later. At the same time, personal injury attorneys will be looking to get the injury victim access to timely, impartial and qualified medical evaluations in order to document the extent of the injuries.

While this is going on, the injury lawyers have to look at things like reporting standards, as well as the statute of limitations for a personal injury case. They have to anticipate how the case will work its way through the courts, and how to counsel their clients every step of the way.

All of these things are important parts of helping those who rely on professional, qualified counsel to help them access their rights. Clients need up-to-date information about the process, what they can do and when they will know about a case.

All of this takes time, and injury victims and their families rely on legal professionals to leave no stone unturned in pursuing the compensation they need to pay for the costs of care and other items like physical therapy or medications. They need counsel to understand any limitations to a case or how a claim should be pursued in order to get the best chance of a court settlement or award.

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