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Commercial Driver’s License Rules in New York

May 11, 2015 Truck Accidents

A commercial driver’s license (CDL) is a very important resource for any professional operating a heavy motor vehicle on U.S. roadways. These types of specialized licenses show that an individual has met the basic requirements to operate a commercial-sized vehicle in addition to a regular motor vehicle.

In the state of New York, drivers have to pass both a written CDL test and a CDL road test. In addition to federal regulations, the state of New York has its own current rules on acquiring a CDL in order to make sure applicants are properly skilled and experienced to operate trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles.

Items on the CDL Test

With respect to the CDL test, drivers will need to demonstrate adequate skill in braking, accelerating, steering and operating a manual clutch. Applicants will be expected to know the rules pertaining to adequate following distances, traffic signal indicators and lane positioning. Testers will also observe a driver operating one of these heavier or larger vehicles to ensure they have adequate knowledge of how to maneuver such vehicles through regular access areas.

New York operators need a CDL Class A for a combination vehicle such as a tractor-trailer truck weighing more than 26,000 pounds. Class B applies to a single unit truck or bus over 26,000 pounds, transporting 15 or more passengers. CDL Classes C and D govern the use of lighter vehicles that may transport many passengers or carry hazardous materials.

Why a CDL is Important

It’s extremely crucial that all operators of heavy or large vehicles have adequate training and licensing. Heavy vehicle accidents are some of the most dangerous collisions on American roads and they come with their own unique risks and hazards. Federal officials and safety advocates look closely at traffic injuries and fatalities to understand the risks that these oversized vehicles carry on the road.

After a traffic injury involving a truck or large vehicle, New York injury lawyers look closely at whether operators have the right licenses, skills and training to operate the vehicles safely. They must also consider the full context of the case to figure out if negligence or inattention to public safety had any bearing on the accident and injuries involved. Lawyers typically look for any third-party responsibility that will help injury victims to collect proper compensation for all accident-related costs, to include medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

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