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City Being Sued for Recent Crane Collapse

May 26, 2016 Construction Accidents,Personal Injury

According to NBC New York, a 15-story construction crane was being lowered in a snow squall this winter. Unfortunately, the 565-foot boom fell, struck several buildings, hit several parked cars, killed one person, and severely injured two others.  One of the victims who sustained injury experienced a fracture of the spine, traumatic brain injury, a severe cut to the head, and other physical damages. Reports indicate he is now suing the city of New York for $20 million.

Whenever a crane collapse occurs, victims need to determine if they can pursue a damage claim and who can be held accountable. A New York personal injury law firm provides assistance to both injured workers and to injured bystanders hurt on a construction site or injured by a crane or other construction equipment.  Contacting an attorney as soon as possible after an injury can be very helpful in understanding your rights and in making a case to maximize your compensation for loss.

Getting Help With an Injury Lawsuit After a Crane Collapse

The crane in this particular incident was owned by a company called Bay Crane.  Crane owners and companies in charge of operating cranes can sometimes be held accountable for the losses and damages when their cranes malfunction or are not operated safely in accordance with industry best practices.

The victim is not only claiming that the crane operator was liable, however, but is also arguing that New York City is at least partly responsible for the tragic incident which caused his severe injuries. NBC New York reports the victim believes the city is partly responsible because the city did not hire competent personnel; because the city did not place warning signs in the location to alert people to the potential danger; and because the city did not barricade streets around where the construction was taking place.

The victim is seeking damages for his medical expenditures; for loss of earnings; and for pain and suffering.  He is able to pursue a civil lawsuit to try to recover these damages because he was not a worker on the construction site but was simply in his car taking his daughter to a doctor’s appointment. While construction workers cannot sue employers and are limited to either a workers’ compensation claim or a lawsuit against a third party, bystanders near construction sites who get hurt can pursue personal injury litigation to try to recover broad compensation for all losses and damages.

A lawyer for the city claims that New York has some of the most robust regulations for cranes that exist in the United States, but he also indicates the city is looking into the claims and investigating the cause of the recent crane collapse.  It remains to be seen if the city will settle the case with the victim or if it will proceed to court with the victim required to prove damages and losses.

Whenever victims wish to pursue a case for a crane collapse, they will have the burden of demonstrating liability. Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff can help victims to gather the necessary evidence to prove their right to full and fair compensation when a crane injures them.