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Do You Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer Simply because he Contacts You

April 5, 2015 Personal Injury FAQs

Many lawyers are eager to accept your case

If you are in a car accident or slip and fall accident, you might suddenly find many lawyers contacting you. Why do so many lawyers want your case? Why do they keep phoning you and mailing you letters, telling you how fantastic they are, and why they are right for you?

Stay away from ambulance chasers!

Stay away from most ambulance chasers!

The reason why these lawyers want your case is that they might have obtained your name from a police blotter, or from a tow truck driver, or from somebody who is involved in your care and treatment at the hospital. These lawyers recognize that you might have a valid case, which might be worth attorney’s fees to them and compensation to you.

Lawyers keep sending you information because they want you to know that they are available. Now, just because you get a letter from some attorney saying he specializes in handling car accident case, does it mean that this attorney is right one for you. The same question can be asked when you see lawyers’ ad in Yellow Pages.

Just because one lawyer has a full-page ad, does it mean he is better than lawyers having smaller ads are? Well, he might be, but then again he might not be. Do you choose a personal injury lawyer based on his ad or because he has contacted you?

When you receive phones or mail from lawyers, you need to ask yourself the question, “How did they get my name?” Previously, lawyers used to have people called “runners”, who would provide information to attorneys for a fee, to give them information about accidents and accident victims, including their contact information. These attorneys suffered consequences and even lost their license to practice law.

How do You Choose a Personal Injury Lawyer?

So what do you do when you receive all these letters from lawyers? Well, you do not have any obligation to contact any one of them. What if a lawyer calls you and says that he is the best attorney for your case? Well, is this not the same as a passerby stopping by your house and telling you that your house needs repairs or a paint job? You immediately experience the gut feeling that this person is fraudulent and/or does not share your concern at all, and in most instances, you would be right.

The bottom line is that you should not accept an unsolicited bid from anyone. If you need someone to answer your questions from a legal perspective, then you should be the one making the call, and you should be the one finding out about lawyers and how good they are. You need to do the research, and that is critical in finding a dedicated and terrific lawyer that is right for you. You will not only be better informed about lawyers, but also whether a particular law firm is the one that you should rink the doorbell too.

A desperate attorney may not be the best attorney for you

Hence, if you are involved in an accident and you suddenly find mail and phone calls from lawyers, you need not choose a personal injury lawyer simply based on what they are saying or advertising.