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CDC Reports on Ladder Fall Injuries

February 6, 2015 Construction Accidents

Many of us know that ladder safety is of vital importance on the job or any time someone tackles even a minor maintenance or home improvement project. But how often do ladder falls actually happen?

While it is difficult to get detailed, top-level information about the incidents of ladder falls in a particular community or scenario, broader-level statistics are available. Skilled construction accident lawyers know that these kinds of accidents are routine and they often include significant injury. Such attorneys have considerable experience in dealing with situations involving incorrect ladder placement, extended range of motion, failing equipment and other prime factors. They know how injury victims are typically treated. They also know how to conduct research and look at any important distinguishing factors in a particular case that may heavily influence the outcome.

What Did the CDC Find?

A recent report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) gives us a glimpse into how often ladder fall accidents occur.

For example, the report shows:
• Approximately 20 percent of fall injuries for workers involve ladders.
• For construction workers as a group, 81 percent of fall injuries treated in ERs involve a ladder.
• In 2011, work-related ladder fall injuries caused 113 fatalities and over 15,000 nonfatal injuries.

The CDC report also points to a “reporting gap” between the number of accidents per full-time employees that employers reported versus the actual statistics gathered by researchers. This report suggests that the actual results were more than double the number of accidents recorded from employer reports. This is concerning to lawyers who are trying to make sure that their clients, as injured victims, are treated fairly under the law and afforded the protections and benefits provided for them.

Workplace and Third Party Responsibility

When representing clients in court, construction accident attorneys will look at safety factors in the ladder fall injury and how this accident may have been avoided. There’s a clear requirement for employers to provide help in the form of training, serviceable equipment and reasonable workflow expectations. There is also a responsibility on the part of the manufacturer to create products that are safe for use. Lawyers look at the entire context of a ladder fall case to determine how to get an injury victim the best access to compensation in the form of settlements or awards.

If someone in your family has been harmed in a ladder fall accident, talk to the skilled attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We handle ladder falls and various other personal injury cases in the New York City area. Our experienced attorneys will stay by your side and help you work through the details of the case, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way. Contact us today for assistance.