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Category: Wrongful Death

July 14, 2017 Wrongful Death

Report Shows Risks of Workplace Fatalities

New York City wrongful death lawyers can provide legal representation whenever someone has been killed due to negligence or wrongdoing. A wrongful death attorney can also help families of workers killed on-the-job by any cause, as a workers’ compensation wrongful death claim can ensure benefits are available to dependents even if no negligence was involved… read more

July 5, 2017 Car Accidents,Wrongful Death

Simple Road Improvements Could Reduce Car Accidents Fatalities

New York City wrongful death lawyers represent families in the devastating aftermath of fatal auto accidents. Attorneys provide help to families in recovering compensation for the wrongful death, including economic and non-financial loss. This compensation can be obtained from those who caused the fatal collision to happen.  Unfortunately, when a loved one has been lost… read more

July 4, 2017 Catastrophic Injuries,Construction Accidents,Personal Injury,Premises Liability,Workers' Compensation,Wrongful Death

Personal Injuries Caused by Demolition Accidents

Demolition accidents are all too common, particularly in large metropolitan cities and you could find yourself as a victim of one any day, anytime. You may be walking past a demolition site, albeit at a safe distance, only to suddenly find a falling brick landing on your head, resulting in a severe concussion, temporary or… read more

July 3, 2017 Back Injuries,Brain Injury,Burn Injury,Catastrophic Injuries,Construction Accidents,Eye Injury Lawyers,Hazardous Materials,Negligent Security,Personal Injury,Personal Injury FAQs,Premises Liability,Scaffold Accidents,Slip and Fall,Spinal Injuries,Workers' Compensation,Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Claims for Construction Workers

As a construction worker, it’s always possible that you might be lightly or badly injured at the site because of a sudden fall or while handling heavy construction equipment. On certain occasions, it has also happened that cranes bearing heavy loads have lost control and dropped heavy items on people, injuring and disabling them permanently… read more

April 17, 2017 Pedestrian Accidents,Wrongful Death

Pedestrian Deaths More Likely to Occur in Lower Income NY Neighborhoods

After a pedestrian collision that causes a fatality, family members of the victim who was killed in the accident should talk with New York City wrongful death lawyers to find out what legal rights they have. Unfortunately, fatal pedestrian accidents occur far too commonly and families are left facing shattered lives as they try to… read more

December 29, 2016 Car Accidents,Wrongful Death

NEW YORK: Henry Walker Killed In Truck Accident on Bronx Highway After Truck Driver Causes Chain Reaction

MALFUNCTIONING TRUCK MAY HAVE CONTRIBUTED TO DEADLY CRASH BRONX, NEW YORK (December 27, 2016) – A rear end collision involving two big rigs and several other vehicles left three people dead and more injured, according to a new report by ABC News. Police have been able to identify two of the people that died in… read more

December 29, 2016 Truck Accidents,Wrongful Death

BRONX: Khalil White Dies In Freeway Accident After Tractor Trailer Truck Crashes Into Several Cars On Bronx Expressway

TRUCK COLLISION ON HIGHWAY LEAVES THREE PEOPLE DEAD BRONX, NEW YORK (December 27, 2016) – Three people were killed in a fatal truck accident on the Bronx Expressway when one truck rear ended another big rig, according to ABC 7 News. Authorities have been able to identify two of the people that were killed as Khalil… read more

December 29, 2016 Truck Accidents,Wrongful Death

BRONX: Khalil White Killed In Fatal Semi-Truck Accident On Bronx Expressway; Two Others Pronounced Dead

DEADLY TRUCK CRASH ON BRONX EXPRESSWAY MAY HAVE BEEN CAUSED BY FAULTY TRUCK BRONX, NEW YORK (December 27, 2016) – Three people were killed and several other people were injured when a semi truck on the Bronx Expressway crashed into the back of several other cars, according to ABC 7 News. Police have been able… read more

December 22, 2016 Personal Injury FAQs,Wrongful Death

FAQs about Wrongful Death

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 31 million emergency department visits occur each year for unintentional injuries in the United States.

December 6, 2016 Workers' Compensation,Wrongful Death

HENRIETTA: Daniel Mayer Killed In Industrial Work Accident Involving 200 Ton Metal Press at the Mersen Corporation

WORKER KILLED IN FATAL ACCIDENT HENRIETTA, NEW YORK (December 5, 2016) – An industrial worker was killed in a tragic accident after an apparent malfunction with a 200 ton metal press. Authorities have been able to identify the worker that died as Daniel A. Mayer of Fairport. The company has not released any further details about… read more