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Category: Construction Accidents

May 20, 2019 Construction Accidents

Experienced Brooklyn Construction Accident Attorneys Can Fight Your Claim For Damages

The construction industry in the US has some of the most dedicated and hardworking people who risk their lives every day in a hazardous profession to contribute to the building of the nation’s economy. From commercial buildings to residential projects to large infrastructure projects, such as bridges, roads, tunnels, highways and airports, construction workers are… read more

April 29, 2019 Construction Accidents

Construction Worker Injury Laws in The Bronx, NY

The construction industry in Bronx, NY, is considered one of the most dangerous places to work, as any laborer, contractor, foreman, or other blue-collar workers will attest. According to a recent study published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest proportion of workplace accidents and injuries in America are suffered by the laborers. As… read more

April 12, 2019 Construction Accidents

Faulty Construction Equipment And Other Causes of Brooklyn, NY Construction Accidents And Injuries

Did you know that construction workers in Brooklyn are nearly 4 times more likely to get severely injured than workers in other industries? Over the last 10 years, around 500 workers have lost their lives and thousands have suffered serious injuries in the construction industry of New York alone. If you or someone you know… read more

March 29, 2019 Construction Accidents

Know The Construction Accident Laws in The Bronx, NY to Protect Your Rights

In 2015, over 5,500 construction workers in New York suffered an injury that either forced them to miss days of work or put them out of a job altogether. Despite the high-risk nature of their job, construction workers in the Bronx, NY put their lives on the line every day in order to make a… read more

December 5, 2018 Construction Accidents

What Do I Do if Injured While Working on a Construction Site?

Construction workers provide an invaluable service to the city. By maintaining buildings, completing renovations, and making new structures, construction workers keep our vibrant city running smoothly. Unfortunately, construction is one of the nation’s deadliest professions. Workers are prone to injury from falls, heavy machinery, exposure to the elements, and more. By understanding the procedures that… read more

December 1, 2018 Construction Accidents

Construction Projects in New York City Approach All-Time High in 2018

The New York Building Congress recently released a report titled “2018-2020 New York City Construction Outlook,” in which the organization states that construction projects in the city set a record high this year. The report projects that the city’s spending on construction for 2018 will reach $61.8 billion, as compared to $49.3 billion in 2017…. read more

October 5, 2018 Construction Accidents

The Current State of Construction Accidents in NYC

Construction is a requirement for any large city to keep functioning smoothly, and New York City is no exception. Construction projects big and small, however, can expose workers and passersby to serious health and safety hazards. Construction accidents in New York City take lives and leave others permanently injured every year. The more you learn… read more

April 4, 2018 Construction Accidents

NY Construction Worker Fatality Report Shows Ongoing Risks

New York construction workers face a substantial risk of being injured on-the-job. When an accident occurs and a worker is hurt or killed, the injured employee or his family should consult with New York City construction accident lawyers for help.  An attorney can provide assistance in pursuing a claim to receive benefits and compensation that… read more

February 23, 2018 Construction Accidents,Personal Injury

Young Child Sustains Injuries After Walking By a NY Construction Site

Construction sites can be dangerous places for workers, and a New York City injury lawyer can provide help to those who work construction and who are hurt while they are on the job. In New York, where construction often occurs on heavily-traveled streets, it is not just workers who are at risk of being harmed… read more

February 19, 2018 Construction Accidents

A Look at Rooftop Fall Risks at NY Construction Sites

Falls are a big risk for construction workers and others who work at a high elevation. If a fall injury happens, it is important to contact New York City construction accident lawyers for assistance as soon as possible. Benefits can be available to injured workers who suffered injuries due to a fall. If the fall… read more