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Category: Car Accidents

April 26, 2020 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Proving Drunk Driving will Strengthen Your New York Personal Injury Lawsuit

When you are on the road, you want to take the best possible precautions to keep yourself and others safe. But accidents still do happen, and road safety is not always in your own hands. How other people behave on the road also factors into your safety. Some careless drivers on the road may not… read more

April 26, 2020 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

How to Prove Your Case for Personal Injury Damages in a New York Car Accident?

One of the most common causes for serious personal injuries and deaths in the United States is motor vehicle accidents. Unfortunately, automobile accidents are still quite common and rampant despite the significant improvements in safety of cars and advancements made in automotive technology. In fact, vehicle accident lawsuits and claims are among the most common… read more

April 26, 2020 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

Don’t Ignore Distracted Driving if a Negligent Car Driver Injured You in New York

Distracted car drivers cause over a thousand injuries each day on an average in the United States. There have been approximately 400,000 instances of distracted driving per year since 2015 that have resulted in injuries. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released a report, according to which 20% of all car accidents are the direct… read more

August 16, 2019 Car Accidents

Everything Pedestrians Need to Know About Traffic Accident Injuries

New York City is a pedestrian paradise, with so many exciting places to walk around and explore. Unfortunately, walking around the City is not without its perils. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC,) approximately 6,000 pedestrians a year are killed by motorists. Another 130,000 are treated in emergency rooms for serious injuries. These… read more

July 11, 2019 Brain Injury,Car Accidents,Motorcycle Accidents

Diagnosing Skull Fracture After an Automobile Accident in Brooklyn, New York

If somebody loses control of their car and the vehicle suddenly comes to a halt, their body still remains in momentum and keeps moving. This is precisely why it is vital to strap yourself to a seat belt whenever you are in a moving vehicle. However, this is not the complete solution as seat belts… read more

December 31, 2018 Car Accidents

How to Drive Safely in New York City Traffic

Congestion and odd rules make it difficult for even the most seasoned drivers to navigate New York City, let alone for a tourist or novice city motorist. Following some simple tips can help you stay safe should you decide to brave the task of driving in the city. Were you recently involved in a car… read more

October 25, 2018 Car Accidents

New York City’s Distracted Driving Laws

Distracted driving is a serious issue plaguing the streets of New York City. As more drivers get comfortable using their cell phones while driving, the risk of distracted driving accidents continues to increase. Distracted driving is an incredibly dangerous driver behavior that can cause serious and fatal car accidents. Failing to pay attention to the… read more

April 25, 2018 Car Accidents

Self-Driving Vehicles in New York: Federal Regulations Need to Keep Up

Motor vehicle accidents take thousands of lives and cause many people to suffer permanent injury every year. Those who are hurt in collisions can get help from a New York City personal injury law firm to take legal action and recover compensation from those who caused accidents to occur. Many car accidents are caused by… read more

April 20, 2018 Car Accidents

Drugged Driving in New York: The Risks Are Serious

Drugged driving is extremely dangerous and can significantly increase the risk of a collision occurring. New York City injury attorneys can provide representation to victims of accidents caused by drugged drivers and can help those victims to take appropriate legal action to obtain compensation. Unfortunately, many people do not fully realize the dangers of drugged… read more

April 13, 2018 Car Accidents

A Look at Reckless Driving in New York and the Limits of Vision Zero

Car accidents can cause devastation to families, and those affected by an accident will need to get help from New York City motor vehicle accident attorneys to take legal action to hold drivers accountable if those drivers cause accidents that result in injuries or fatalities. There has been a dedicated effort within New York City… read more