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Car Jumps Curb in NYC, Injures Pedestrians

September 4, 2017 Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury

A driver has been charged with drunk driving after causing a pedestrian accident recently, according to ABC 11.  The incident occurred in New York City and the driver caused injuries to multiple pedestrians after jumping the curb.

Pedestrians in this accident were on the sidewalk obeying the rules when a driver struck them unexpectedly. Unfortunately, pedestrians often are not at fault for collisions with cars – but they are typically hurt much more seriously in car accidents than motorists in vehicles are since they have no protection. When a pedestrian is hurt, New York City pedestrian accident lawyers can provide representation to the walker or his family in taking legal action to recover damages.

Alleged Drunk Driver Injures Pedestrians in New York City

According to ABC 11, the driver who has been charged with drunk driving is a 23-year-old man. The driver came around a corner and drove up onto the sidewalk where a crowd of more than 20 people were standing. The motorist began to hit people in the crowd of 20 or more pedestrians, before the driver eventually lost one of the vehicle wheels and then sped away from the scene of the accident.

The incident happened in Brooklyn and it occurred shortly before 5:00 AM on a Monday.  Witnesses believe that the driver had become involved in a disagreement with another man who told him to leave, thus prompting the driver to get into the car and begin his fateful journey. It was only minutes later that the driver crashed, veered out of the sidewalk and struck the pedestrians.

A surveillance video captured the accident and recorded the driver of the vehicle plowing into the pedestrians and then speeding away from the collision scene.  Unfortunately, people within the crowd were hurt when the driver hit them.  A total of four people got hit by the car when the driver plowed it into traffic. In total six people sustained injuries as a result of the driver coming up onto the curb.

One of the victims involved in the accident was crying as she spoke to ABC 11 about the accident. She described the incident as surreal and said she knew that it could have been much worse. Another witness said that she turned around to look when she heard the car crashing and she believed that the driver was traveling at least 50 miles per hour or perhaps even faster as the driver careened into the crowd standing on the sidewalk.

The young driver did flee the scene, but police were able to track him down only a few blocks away from where he had struck the motorist.  When a driver hits-and-runs, especially when pedestrians are seriously hurt, it’s important the driver is found so he can be held liable for his actions. New York City pedestrian accident lawyers help victims to hold drivers accountable, so give us a call as soon as possible if you are involved in a crash that you believe was caused by a negligent or intoxicated driver.