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Bus accident leaves 10 injured, destroys storefront

December 20, 2013 Bus Accidents

On behalf of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff, LLP

New York residents are very familiar with public transportation and rely on buses, cabs and other vehicles to get them safely around the city. A bus accident in a neighboring state illustrates that incidents can occur with any vehicle. In this case, the accident lead to numerous injuries and serious property damage.

The incident occurred after midnight on Dec. 19. Eight passengers on the bus were rushed to hospitals for treatment. Two drivers – including the bus operator – were also treated at hospitals. The bus driver was reported to be in serious condition due to head trauma.

The bus, which was on its way to a local station, collided with a cab. According to reports, the cab drove in front of the bus, which caused the accident. The bus and the cab traveled approximately 100 feet away from the impact site.

The cab ended up coming to rest against a crosswalk sign. According to one passenger on the bus, there were no pedestrians in the area at the time. The passenger reports that the area is often busy, with many people walking along the street.

After the collision with the cab, the bus crashed into a store. The crash did enough damage to the building that engineers were worried about removing the bus. According to reports, the bus was resting partially inside the building. The city’s Director of Engineering stated the bus appeared to be in a load bearing position for part of the building.

Investigators plan to interview all witnesses to the accident, including bus passengers. The area was also under video surveillance, which will provide investigators with additional information. In addition to the possibility of personal injury law suits in this case, the storefront, bus company and cab company may have grounds for property claims, depending on who is found at fault.

Source: CBS New York, “NJ TRANSIT Bus Crashes Into Newark Building” No author given, Dec. 19, 2013