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Brooklyn Garbage Truck Out of Control

March 30, 2015 Truck Accidents

Experienced injury lawyers understand that truck accidents and other heavy vehicle accidents are just a few of the risks residents of a community face on a routine basis. Oversized vehicles can do much more damage than conventional sedans or small cars. That said, drivers and other responsible parties need to take all necessary safety precautions to prevent some of the most tragic incidents that take place on NYC roads.

A Recent Garbage Truck Accident Sheds Light on the Problem

Fox New York recently reported on an overturned garbage truck at Bushwick Avenue and Highland Boulevard in Bushwick early on a Tuesday morning. A Fox helicopter documented this accident where the truck apparently overturned, injuring one person. The victim was taken to a hospital for treatment of minor injuries. Some speculated that accident could have been weather-related because of the icy and slick roads that were created during the week.

Photo documentation of the accident showed the garbage truck on its side, sprawled across all lanes of traffic, and only several feet from parked cars on either side. It’s not hard to imagine the types of risks this can cause based on how a truck falls and how its cargo might fall out.

Luckily, this was not in a busy freeway, but on a street where oncoming traffic could more easily stop to avoid this hazard. Still, in any case, oversized vehicles carry specific safety risks and require stricter controls and management to fully protect drivers and anyone else on or near the roadway.

Looking at Responsibility in Service Truck Cases

When New York City injury victims are impacted by an accident involving a service or utility truck, New York City truck accident attorneys will look at various aspects of the case to determine whether a personal injury case would apply.

Driver behavior and driver error are obviously one of the top considerations, but lawyers may also look at safety protocols in place at the businesses that send their fleets into local communities each day. Other involved third parties may include truck parts suppliers, those responsible for setting up warning or safety signage and lights or others who may be found careless or negligent in preventing this type of accident.

Legal professionals will look at all contributing factors that may have had an effect on the case, including:

• Inclement weather
• Roadway marking
• Vehicle speeds

Throughout the process, qualified injury attorneys will keep clients informed about their legal options and how their cases are proceeding in court.

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