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Brooklyn Bridge Closures

May 26, 2015 Car Accidents

New York City officials have to work hard to make sure that decent safety procedures are in place to handle the massive volumes of traffic that flows in and out of the five boroughs every day through the city’s extensive infrastructure of bridges, tunnels and roads.

The massive population of New York City and the nature of its topography with multiple islands and peninsulas sharing local access points requires a great deal of costly infrastructure that can put a strain on municipal budgets. There’s also the extremely important burden of managing these structures and all of the areas that facilitate smooth traffic flow and safety for drivers, passengers, pedestrians and others.

Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation Project

Recently, the New York City government released informational updates on a project called Brooklyn Bridge Rehabilitation. In notifying citizens of several lane closures, government officials pointed out that for drivers going from Manhattan to Brooklyn, one of three lanes will be closed during most of the weekday so that construction can occur. Government planners also mentioned closures of local streets and detailed how the project will affect bicycle and pedestrian traffic.

Giving Notice

This type of notification is a crucial part of public health and safety. Along with the actual safety installations that are required in these types of projects, giving residents notice of work allows for a greater degree of safety for anyone on the road, as well as for the construction workers who benefit from the use of proper safety procedures such as:

  • Appropriate warning signage
  • Pylons, barrels or other lane markers
  • Marquee signs directing traffic
  • Effective roadblocks for closed lanes
  • Flagging setups

Giving locals notice of closures and work activities is an additional part of making sure that motorists are not confused by sudden traffic changes. All of this promotes better handling of projects that must go on in a chaotic and volatile atmosphere created by massive amounts of traffic in areas of New York City.

Protecting the Injured

Local New York City personal injury lawyers understand the importance of infrastructure management. They deal with clients who have been tragically harmed in different types of traffic accidents and public incidents around the city. A professional injury attorney will look at the full context of the case and gather all of the details to really understand what factors were in play and what third parties may have a responsibility to compensate the injured victim. Injury attorneys help injury victims to bring their personal injury claims to courts, as well as work with insurance companies to obtain fair payouts, all in an effort to get the best chance of being compensated for medical bills and other aspects of care.

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