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BRONX: Pregnant Girl Repeatedly Tasered By New York Police In Wakefield

February 26, 2017 Personal Injury

BRONX: 17-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Dailene Rosario Tasered By NYPD Officers At Apartment

17-Year-Old Pregnant Girl Tasered By Police

BRONX, NEW YORK (February 25, 2017) – The NYPD is conducting an internal investigation after police officers tasered a 17-year-old pregnant girl at a party, according to the Gothamist.

The patrol guide for the NYPD informs officers that they should not use their weapons on children, the elderly, or pregnant women.

The taser model involved in the incident has been described as the X26. Stun guns like the used in this incident can and often do kill. The Washington Post has estimated that at least one person per week dies after being tasered by police.

Police came into the apartment that the victim was in to respond to an unrelated asthma attack. They came across two men fighting in a hallway and knocked on the door of the apartment that the victim was in.

It remains unclear if any officers are going to face disciplinary actions after the incident.