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Broken Ribs and Spinal Injuries

April 29, 2015 Spinal Injuries

Broken ribs and spinal injuries are two very different types of injuries, but they are two of the common elements of many kinds of personal injury cases.

One of the major differences is that broken ribs are easier to assess and will typically manifest in consistent ways. Patients will know they have broken ribs because they will feel the localized pain associated with this injury.

Spinal injuries can be much more abstract, however. Patients may not feel pain, although the underlying injury can lead to health conditions later on down the road.

Getting Quick and Impartial Medical Care

Having access to high quality medical care immediately after an accident is extremely important for a number of reasons. It’s important to document how the accident has affected someone’s body. It also gets the key elements of the situation on the radar for involved parties, such as insurance agencies. But it also affects long-term outcomes — many trauma accidents can be minimized with quick care.

But this medical care also needs to be impartial. In some cases, doctors who have connections to insurance companies or other parties can work on a significant bias, which is something that can harm an injury victim’s chances of obtaining equitable compensation.

How Do New York City Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Assess Injury Costs?

Putting dollar amounts on different types of injuries, such as broken ribs and spinal injuries, is complex and difficult. Lawyers don’t work from pre-established values for injuries; instead, clients, their lawyers or other parties may be asked to provide estimates for amounts such as medical bills, physical therapy, or lost wages which relate to a timeframe for recovery.

In some cases, injury victims can get a sense of what’s possible by looking at past cases. For example, take a look at this Manhattan case where the plaintiff won $600,000 for pain and suffering from the city transit authority. In that case, as in many other cases, the award was split up into two portions — including a split pain and suffering award — $300,000 for the effective symptoms prior to the case and another $300,000 for pain and suffering another five years into the future.

Injury lawyers must look at each case on an individual basis and assess what reasonable medical costs might apply. They need to look at how pain and suffering is typically awarded in their state or states of practice. Injury victims rely on this complicated legal research and are generally unable to come up with detailed estimates of legal outcomes on their own. Throughout the entire case, qualified and experienced personal injury attorneys will keep their clients informed about all of their legal options.

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