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Bridge and Tunnel Alerts

July 13, 2015 Car Accidents

The city of New York has an enormous amount of infrastructure. An array of bridges and tunnels serve millions of people going into or out of the five boroughs. Anyone who is at all familiar with New York City geography knows about using the George Washington Bridge, the Verrazano, the Triborough Bridge, the Lincoln Tunnel and other critical corridors for local traffic, and they likely know and appreciate how to travel them, as well as how they work to direct traffic through the metro area.

So how does the local government work to manage this extensive traffic system? One way is by posting routine alerts and advisories on the Internet.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey post items such as bridge delays, high traffic alerts and construction updates that help residents and others get around New York City every day. These alerts can be a critical part of managing traffic situations, reducing congestion and decreasing the chances of injuries or even fatal accidents.

Other Safety Precautions
In addition to things like alerts and notifications, safety precautions have to be provided on the ground. Careful use of warning cones and barrels, signage and warning lights are critical for protecting the safety of motorists, road workers and others. In some cases, construction work requires traffic lane re-alignment and shoulder closures that have to be done in a way that’s not confusing to drivers. Accident-related infrastructure is also needed so that responders lower the risks of secondary accidents, particularly where drivers in oncoming traffic may get confused about obstacles in the roadway.

Driver Responsibility
Along with all of this public work, drivers must also be responsible for conducting themselves in a safe and proper way when behind the wheel. Issues like DUI/DWI enforcement and distracted driving enforcement are part of controlling this aspect of risk for pedestrians, bicyclists, drivers and passengers and everyone else on the road.

Representing Injury Victims
When called upon to represent an injury victim in a traffic accident, New York City injury lawyers will look at all of the above aspects of an accident. They’ll look at whether public safety protocols were applied properly. They’ll look at whether a driver was subject to any conditions that raised risk or caused him to drive in an erratic or reckless way.

They’ll look for any third-party responsibility that will help their clients obtain money for the costs of care and recovery when they are injured because of someone else’s mistakes.

Let New York City Car Accident Attorneys Help You Today
New York City residents who are injured in traffic accidents can call the personal injury lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with the personal injury cases of New York families. We will help you determine all of your legal options and make sure that your voice is heard in local courts. Let us provide you with the proper qualified legal representation in an injury case.