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April 29, 2019 Construction Accidents

Construction Worker Injury Laws in The Bronx, NY

The construction industry in Bronx, NY, is considered one of the most dangerous places to work, as any laborer, contractor, foreman, or other blue-collar workers will attest. According to a recent study published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest proportion of workplace accidents and injuries in America are suffered by the laborers. As… read more

April 23, 2019 Elevator Accidents

Escalator Injury Laws And Right to Compensation in Brooklyn, NY

Escalators are ubiquitous in a modern society such as ours. You can find them everywhere – from airports to train stations, hotels, shopping malls, and arenas. As a result, not many people are actually aware of the risks they pose. Data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that every year, at least 30… read more

April 15, 2019 Slip and Fall

Key Causes of Slip And Fall Injuries in Bronx, NY

Slip and fall or trip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries as well as severe physical and financial consequences for the victims. However, if you or someone you know has been injured by slipping and falling on property owned by someone else in Bronx, NY, you may be eligible to seek financial compensation… read more

April 12, 2019 Construction Accidents

Faulty Construction Equipment And Other Causes of Brooklyn, NY Construction Accidents And Injuries

Did you know that construction workers in Brooklyn are nearly 4 times more likely to get severely injured than workers in other industries? Over the last 10 years, around 500 workers have lost their lives and thousands have suffered serious injuries in the construction industry of New York alone. If you or someone you know… read more

April 8, 2019 Elevator Accidents

Potential Damages Available to Victims in Bronx, NY Elevator Accident Cases

Every day, thousands of people in Bronx, NY make use of elevators as part of their routine home, work, or leisure activities. Elevators in apartment complexes, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, hotels, and department stores move nearly 300 million Americans every day. Riding in an elevator is so common that nobody worries about their… read more

April 2, 2019 Slip and Fall

Making a Slip And Fall Claim Against a Brooklyn, NY Property Owner

We all tend to slip, trip, and fall at some point in our lives. In some cases, the fault might be entirely yours. In some other cases, the fault might be someone else’s. As a resident of Brooklyn, New York, you have the legal right to be compensated for the injuries you sustain and the… read more

March 29, 2019 Construction Accidents

Know The Construction Accident Laws in The Bronx, NY to Protect Your Rights

In 2015, over 5,500 construction workers in New York suffered an injury that either forced them to miss days of work or put them out of a job altogether. Despite the high-risk nature of their job, construction workers in the Bronx, NY put their lives on the line every day in order to make a… read more

March 27, 2019 Elevator Accidents

What You Should Know About Elevator Accident Laws in Brooklyn, NY

According to figures released by the Department of Buildings (DOB) of New York City, there are more than 4,000 freight elevators and 66,000 passenger elevators in the five boroughs of New York City alone. This data took into account all elevators located within the residential, retail, and commercial properties in New York City. Elevators play… read more

January 21, 2019 Medical Malpractice

Lavern’s Law – What Is It and What Does It Mean for Cancer Victims?

On January 31st, 2018, New York passed Lavern’s Law – a law that will change the statute of limitations on some medical malpractice cases. Lavern’s Law is named for Lavern Wilkinson, who passed away at age 41 from a treatable form of lung cancer because of a misdiagnosis. Governor Andrew Cuomo, who signed the bill… read more

January 11, 2019 Bicycle Accidents

Biking Laws You Need to Know in New York

New York is a bicycle- and pedestrian-heavy state, with 1,133 miles of bicycle lanes in New York City alone. Over the last several years, biking has become even more popular in the state of New York, resulting in an increase of bicyclists on the roads. Unfortunately, this can also mean a greater number of accidents…. read more