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October 7, 2019 Brain Injury,Medical Malpractice

Failure to Diagnose Hydrocephalus is a Real Risk For Your Baby in The Bronx, New York

Hydrocephalus, also known as “water on the brain”, is a condition that occurs when there is an excess of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF). This fluid surrounds the brain and spinal cord in the human body and when in excess, it can cause spaces in between the brain, called ventricles, to enlarge. This can cause undue and… read more

August 16, 2019 Car Accidents

Everything Pedestrians Need to Know About Traffic Accident Injuries

New York City is a pedestrian paradise, with so many exciting places to walk around and explore. Unfortunately, walking around the City is not without its perils. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC,) approximately 6,000 pedestrians a year are killed by motorists. Another 130,000 are treated in emergency rooms for serious injuries. These… read more

August 4, 2019 Personal Injury

The #1 Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Pursuing a Personal Injury Case in New York

At Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff in New York, when we interview a new client who has been injured, it is extremely important to discuss their activities on social media. Many clients do not understand that everything on their social media page can be used against them. For example: If a client says they are… read more

July 17, 2019 Bus Accidents

NYC Jury awards an Injured Passenger 5 Million Dollars… But The Transit Authority Refuses To Pay!!!

It’s been five long years since Cabrerra was injured by a bus in NYC. With multiple fractures and unable to work, Mr. Cabrerra put his case in the hands of a NYC Personal Injury Superlawyer, Daniel Minc. What would become of Cabrerra’s case? This is a shining example of why a top-notch legal fighter is… read more

July 11, 2019 Brain Injury,Car Accidents,Motorcycle Accidents

Diagnosing Skull Fracture After an Automobile Accident in Brooklyn, New York

If somebody loses control of their car and the vehicle suddenly comes to a halt, their body still remains in momentum and keeps moving. This is precisely why it is vital to strap yourself to a seat belt whenever you are in a moving vehicle. However, this is not the complete solution as seat belts… read more

July 10, 2019 Personal Injury FAQs

Guarantee a Win Using a High-Low Agreement in a New York City Personal Injury Trial

As an experienced NYC personal injury attorney, I have used a Hi-Low agreement many times during very difficult personal injury trials to protect my clients’ interests and guarantee they get money even in the event of a loss at trial. Under New York law, a High-Low agreement is an agreement entered into by both parties… read more

May 25, 2019 Slip and Fall

Types of Trip And Fall Accidents in Bronx, NY

When we enter a building, a mall, or even a shopping complex, it never even occurs to us that a little trip and fall could land us in a hospital. Or that we could suffer a life-long disability. Property and business owners have a duty to make sure their premises are secure for their guests…. read more

May 20, 2019 Construction Accidents

Experienced Brooklyn Construction Accident Attorneys Can Fight Your Claim For Damages

The construction industry in the US has some of the most dedicated and hardworking people who risk their lives every day in a hazardous profession to contribute to the building of the nation’s economy. From commercial buildings to residential projects to large infrastructure projects, such as bridges, roads, tunnels, highways and airports, construction workers are… read more

May 16, 2019 Elevator Accidents

Do You Need a Bronx, NY Elevator Accident Attorney to Pursue a Damages Claim?

Did you know there are more than 50,000 escalators and 900,000 elevators in the US?  Each elevator services an average of 20,000 people every year. The number doesn’t sound that crazy considering how much we depend on them to get to-and-from work every day. But have you stopped to consider how dangerous these seemingly safe… read more

May 3, 2019 Slip and Fall

Important Laws Related to Slip and Fall Accidents in Brooklyn, NY

Have you or a loved one been injured in a slip and fall accident in Brooklyn, NY? Did you sustain severe injuries after tripping and falling on someone else’s property? If this is the case, you have the right to sue the parties responsible for your accident and get your rightful damages. An experienced slip… read more