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When There Are No Bike Paths

April 15, 2015 Bicycle Accidents

All over the country, cities and other municipalities are building bicycle paths as part of their local infrastructure. Why? In a day and age where many people are experimenting with alternate forms of transportation, bike paths provide a level of safety for those who choose to travel by bike. With paths, bicyclists will have their own space instead of contending with daily traffic.

But what happens when bike lanes or paths are not available? In many parts of New York City, there just isn’t room for dedicated bike paths. Even in specific recreational areas, bike paths are not always immediately available to allow for completely separate pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle traffic. That being the case, bikers and others on the road need to watch out for each other and practice good safety habits.

Sight Visibility

When bike paths are not immediately available, it can still be helpful to eliminate obstacles from areas near the roadway. Clear shoulders help bicyclists see better and help to provide a consistent lane for travel. Although bicycles need to flow with traffic, many times, bicyclists can be well served by a clear shoulder that is well-maintained and free from debris and other unexpected obstacles.

Traffic Directions

Bicyclists can also follow appropriate conventions for signaling and conducting turns, lane changes and more. At the same time, motorists need to know what to look for and what to expect when following bicycles. It is important to build public awareness and keep motor vehicle operators watchful for bicycles and other non-motorized vehicles that require special care and consideration.

Common Sense and Courtesy

When reasonable standards are in place, bicycles and vehicles can share traffic spaces. Problems often arise when one or more parties are not properly observing their safety responsibilities. Driver error is a huge factor in bicycle accidents, but so is a situation where bicycles are improperly operated, either because of inebriation, distraction, or again, because the bicycle operator was not able to anticipate obstacles that were ahead of himself or herself.

Bicycle Accidents and Personal Injury Lawyers

In a bicycle accident case, personal injury lawyers will look closely at the facts of the accident to determine whether any negligence or inattention to safety compromised public safety standards. They may look at aspects, such as road work or other alterations of a road or shoulder area, or other situations where external safety challenges existed.

Additionally, they will look at driver fault and how the accident played out between the various parties involved. They will look at resources, such as police reports and other documentation to understand the factors that contributed to the accident.

A New York City Bicycle Accident Law Firm Can Help You With Your Case

If you or someone in your family was harmed in New York City, call the attorneys at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We have experience helping local New York City families pursue compensation for accident injuries, and we’re dedicated to keeping you informed about your case and standing by your side throughout the legal process.