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An Ideal Attorney will Communicate with You on a Regular Basis

July 12, 2015 Legal Terminology

You are thinking of filing a personal injury lawsuit for the harms and losses you have suffered, and it could be an accident case, medical malpractice case, or even a wrongful death case. When you are choosing an attorney to represent your case, one of the key details you need to find out is how often the attorney will communicate with you.

Personal Injury Case

An Ideal attorney will communicate with you on a regular basis and not be someone who is hard to locate.

Apart from extensive experience and a high success rate, your attorney should have an effective communication system which means they should phone or email you once in a while to keep you updated. In many instances, the client usually has to go around chasing the attorney to find how his case is progressing, since their attorney is not keeping them informed. Therefore, a lawyer who communicates with you on a regular basis is suitable and more professional.

Lack of Communication

When most lawyers are asked about how often they communicate with their clients, they say maybe once or twice a year, and some say that they expect clients to track them down. When you are recovering from an injury and trying to get back on track with your life, you do not want another burden of having to track your attorney down just to find out about the status of your case.

Personal injury cases can take a long time, and the trial may start several months after the deposition. Since your lawyer frequents the courthouse, he will have the information about the status of your case and if there are any changes. However, this information has to be communicated to you, so that you know exactly what is going on with your case. The top complaint of most people in New York is that their attorneys fail to communicate with them on a regular basis or not at all.

An Impressive System of Communication

You need to choose a personal injury attorney who understands that keeping their clients informed can put them at ease. Your lawyer should communicate with you on a regular and consistent basis. Ideally, a lawyer should communicate with you once a month and it could be through email, messaging, or a phone call, which would be best actually.

You should never have to locate your lawyer since that is just sort of selfish on the attorney’s part to believe their time is that much more valuable than their clients. A lawyer, who needs to be tracked down and found, conveys the impression that their schedule is either too packed or that your needs are not that vital to them.

An ideal lawyer would communicate with you at least once a month since they know that your situation is critical to you. Your attorney cannot change the system around or make the courts work any harder. That is just not going to happen. But your attorney can at least let you know that the process is in full swing and the court has the information they need to schedule your court date and so on.

A solid attorney will let you know what is legally going on with your case, even if nothing has changed.

Common Courtesy

Secondly, he will also inquire about your injuries and the problems you are still encountering. He will want to know what is happening in your life, and the things that you are still unable to do because of your injuries. Your attorney will probably ask for updated medical files on you as well. Therefore it is important to have a lawyer who will communicate with you regularly and consistently.