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Amtrak Crash Shows Terrible Results of High Speed Derailments

June 12, 2015 Train Accidents

An Amtrak derailment in Philadelphia, PA injured more than 200 people and killed 8 in mid-May. The grisly details and pictures of this major accident have been posted on national news venues for the last few weeks. The conductor, who survived, is suing the company after major injuries. Reports show that Amtrak 188 from Washington to NYC was traveling at 106 mph at the time of the accident.

Earlier speculation about gunshots striking the train was later ruled out. Still, there was much inquiry into how the terrible accident happened, especially since the speed of the train, according to industry sources, was double what has been recommended for that stretch of track.

Safety Systems

Since the time of the accident, the details have emerged about why this crash happened. One very central issue is the use of a protocol called Positive Train Control or PTC that uses a type of wireless safety sensor system to control train operations. Reports show that PTC was not in place for the specific corridor where the Philadelphia disaster occurred. Experts have said that the system was eventually going to be implemented there.

Amtrak has also weighed in on the reasons why this key safety system was not in place at the time of the accident. Spokespersons for the company have suggested that Amtrak was unable to get a dedicated wireless spectrum in the 220 MHz range, which the company has contended is critical for operating the PTC system. However, experts in the wireless spectrum have pointed out that using a heterogeneous network — a collection of different frequencies with different administrative techniques — could have led to a more broad-scale application of PTC that could have prevented these injuries and fatalities. That’s an important issue for those looking at how modern systems can prevent harm in the future.

Looking at Train Accidents in Context

Local New York City train accident attorneys must examine very closely all of the details in a train or public transit accident. To effectively handle such cases, they have to understand the parties who may be responsible for negligence and consider whether or not inattention to public safety helped to cause injuries or fatalities.

Further, train accident attorney will need to understand the applicable statutes, along with the precautions that a business took (or didn’t) take and make some conclusions with respect to how all of that fits into what legislators deem “reasonable” safety procedures. All of this helps attorneys represent their clients well in court in an effort to ensure they get the best chance at full compensation for medical bills, lost wages and various other consequences associated with their injuries.

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