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Accident Victims Beware: Injuries to the Brain Can Lead to Personality Changes

December 13, 2017 Brain Injury

A brain injury can have a major impact on every aspect of your life. New York City brain injury lawyers provide help to victims who sustained injuries affecting their brain. Because of the severity of brain injuries and the extensive array of different symptoms and limitations you can experience as a result of brain injury, it is imperative to understand the full extent of damage when making a claim against someone who caused your brain to suffer harm.

Brain injury can affect mood, cognitive function, mobility, your senses, and more. As BBC explains, brain injury can also result in changes to your personality.

Brain Injury Can Cause Changes to Your Personality

According to BBC, brain injury can affect your personality in ways both good and bad, depending upon the situation.  The BBC gave several examples of this phenomenon, wherein patients experienced injury to the brain and experienced major changes.

One example was Patient 3534, who had a brain tumor removed when she was 70 years old. The removal of the tumor caused damage to both sides of her brain in the front of the brain. The woman’s husband had known her for 58 years and indicated that she had always had a “stern” personality. She was described by her husband as being grumpy before the surgery, and as being highly irritable.

However, once she had the tumor removed and suffered the damage to her brain, her husband indicated she underwent a major personality change. She became more talkative than at any time in her past, and she also became happier and more outgoing.

Her case was not an isolated one, either. According to BBC, a minority of brain injury patients experience a beneficial personality change as a result of injury to the brain. Of course, this can also go the other way as well, and there is an extensive body of researching documenting the adverse ways in which brain damage can change personality and cause personality impairments.

There are many more famous examples of how brain injury has caused a victim’s personality to change for the worse, including a famous case of a railway worker in the 19th century who suffered a terrible accident that resulted in an iron rod blasting through the front of his brain. The worker, who had previously been described as shrewd and smart, reportedly became impulsive and aggressive as a result of the brain damage.

Many other modern examples also reveal that patients who suffer damage to the front of the brain can develop personality changes leading to socially inappropriate and sometimes even psychotic behavior.

For victims who experience a change in personality because of a brain injury, this change can have a profound impact on many aspects of your life. If you suffer a brain injury that harms you, you should reach out to New York City brain injury lawyers for help as soon as possible so you can get the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Contact a lawyer today to learn more about your rights if someone hurt you and brain injury occurred as a result of their negligence.