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A Look at Driver and Pedestrian Safety Issues in NYC

March 31, 2016 Pedestrian Accidents,Personal Injury

Seniors and young children are two demographic groups that tend to be at especially high risk of getting hurt in a pedestrian accident.  Seniors may have reductions in cognitive function related to age that can make it more difficult for them to determine when it is safe to cross a road. Physical impairment and age-related infirmities also mean seniors can take longer to get across roads, thus placing them in greater risk of getting hurt in a pedestrian crash if drivers are not paying attention.

Because seniors are especially vulnerable to pedestrian accidents, taking extra steps to protect the elderly population is an important way to help save lives. Just recently, the New York Times reported that the New York Police Department will be stepping up efforts to prevent accidents that could affect these vulnerable seniors. The news from the police about doing more to protect seniors was released on the same day that a 62-year-old woman was hit by a city bus in Brooklyn and killed.

Seniors and family members of elderly pedestrians killed in a crash need to understand how the law protects them.  New York injury attorneys can explain when senior crash victims or their families can pursue damage claims to get compensation and hold motorists accountable for unsafe behaviors that hurt them.

New Efforts to Prevent Unsafe Behavior Around Senior Centers

The new effort on the part of the NYPD to provide better protection to seniors involves putting more officers around the areas where senior centers are located. The additional law enforcement officers around senior centers will be in the area during the times of day when there tend to be the largest number of people at the centers.

Officers will specifically target drivers who are engaging in the types of high-risk behaviors on the road that put seniors in danger of getting hit by cars. In particular, police have indicated that the focus will be on targeting people around these senior centers who are committing moving violations, such as failure to yield to pedestrians or speeding.  There are seven moving violations outlined in Vision Zero, which is Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to bring the pedestrian death rate down, and officers will be targeting anyone who commits these infractions.

In a statement explaining why enforcement is being increased around senior centers, the police described the initiative’s aim as an effort to “prevent injuries and create a safe environment.”

Seniors and every other pedestrian on the road deserve the type of safe environment that the police are hoping to help provide. Victims can get help seeking compensation from skilled injury lawyers who are prepared to help them avoid as much financial loss as possible. However, the physical loss sustained can be devastating and irreversible. Prevention of crashes is always preferred, especially for seniors prone to serious injuries, like hip fractures, and these new efforts could help go a long way towards heading off high-risk behaviors and making the roads around senior centers safer. Call Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff today to discuss your rights under the law.