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A High Volume of Subway Riders Means More Safety Planning in the Works

June 17, 2015 Train Accidents

According to new reports for 2014, subway ridership is up in the Big Apple.  That means more focus will need to be placed on safety implementation for all of the possibly dangerous situations that New York City residents and visitors can face on trains and on or around depots.

Reports from news outlets like Fox New York show how more people are using the city’s subway system than at any point in the last 65 years. With New York City Metro authorities noting a 1.7 billion ridership number for 2014, experts point out that that number represents a 2.6 percent increase from the year before.

MTA claims that in 2014, more than 6 million riders packed trains on various days of the year, bringing ridership back to post-World War II era levels. Transit operators can also pinpoint the biggest increases, noting, for example, more riders on weekend days and finding that the biggest increase was in the borough of Brooklyn. Experts point out that there is significantly more ridership around areas with a lot of new development and areas that are better served by train lines.

Train Safety

Train safety also extends to preventing major derailments and accidents. It further extends to managing the massive inflow and outflow of human traffic that happens in station entrances, on platforms and in and out of trains.

In many ways, while train safety is based on the mechanical engineering of transit systems, it is also based on the management of crowds. Public transit leaders have to try to protect residents from all sorts of interactions that can compromise public health and safety, from door or window malfunctions to hazardous or slippery surfaces, or problems where lack of instruction adds to the chaos in a terminal or on a train car.

New York City Trip and Fall Attorneys Can Help

New York City residents who are injured on a subway platform or on a train can call the lawyers at Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We have an understanding of the local communities we serve, and we’re dedicated to helping city families deal with the aftermath of accidents. We keep our clients informed about all of their legal options to help them to get the best chance of collecting the money that they need for the costs of care and recovery. Call us to find out how to move a personal injury claim forward in local New York courts.