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5 Reasons New York Car Crash Risk Increases in the Summer

February 22, 2017 Car Accidents,Personal Injury

According to a Motor Vehicle Fatality Estimates report by the National Safety Council (NSC), there were a total of 18,630 deaths in the United States caused by motor vehicle accidents between January and June of 2015.

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For this same six-month period, the estimated number of motor vehicle injuries that required medical attention was approximately 2,254,000, which is an increase of 30% from 2014.

Causes of Increase in Risk of Car Crashes

Although it seems like the risk of traffic accidents in New York, and other places, increases in winter, there is a link between summer and a higher number of motor vehicle crashes. Here is a look at 5 reasons that the risk of car crashes increases during the summertime:

  1. The number of travelers increases: Apart from increased number of drivers on the roads, there are also more bicycle riders, motorcycle riders and pedestrians that share the roads with motor vehicle drivers. When roads are more densely packed, it naturally translates to a driving environment that is more complicated. Serious crashes can occur because of the slightest lapses in judgment or mistakes.
  2. Teen motors stay longer on roads: The least experienced drivers on the roads, teenage drivers, typically spend about 40% more time on roads during the summer than any other season. When there are more inexperienced motorists on the roads for longer stretches of time, there is a dramatic jump in the risk of car crashes – especially if teenagers are driving with even one more teenaged passenger.
  3. There tends to be a spike in impaired driving: Deadly drunk driving accidents typically increase two-fold in the US during the summertime. It is important to note that August is the month that sees a consistent highest rate of impaired driving that lead to fatal crashes.
  4. Roadway or highway construction activities increase: Because of favorable weather conditions, summer tends to be the time when roadway/highway construction activities increase. Detours, lane closures, and so on lead to complicated driving conditions which in turn increase the chances of drivers getting into serious motor vehicle crashes.
  5. Vehicle equipment failures increase: Because of high temperatures in summer, there can be changes in the way the equipment in vehicles operate, as heat expands the fluids, air in the vehicle, and so forth. There is also an increase in the risk of tire blowouts during the summer as the air in tires expands while the heat can weaken or dry out the outer layer of rubber in tires.

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