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Common Injuries When Roller Skating in New York

Posted on Sep 7, 2017 in Ski Accidents


Inline skating is a popular form of exercise that gained immense popularity in the 80s. This form exercise can burn as many calories as when cycling or running while potentially reducing the stress exerted on the joints of the lower body.

It is estimated that over 17 million Americans enjoy and participate in this sport and the number is growing each year. Unfortunately, according to CPSC, over 10,723 injuries resulting from inline skating were treated in the year 2015.

From simple slips, to major trips and falls, one can sustain various kinds of injuries while roller skating.

5 common injuries you can sustain when roller skating

As with any other sport, there are a number of injuries that you can sustain when roller skating in New York. A few of them include (but aren’t limited to):

  1. Fractures to forearm or wrist
  2. Sprains or stains to the back and lower limbs
  3. Fractures to the legs and ankles
  4. Minor lacerations and soft tissue damage
  5. Severe head and facial injuries resulting from hard falls or collisions with automobiles

Who is liable for common injuries when roller skating in New York?

In order to sue for injuries that are sustained while roller skating in New York, the skaters must be able to establish that they abided by all the rules of the rink. For instance, roller skaters must:

  1. Skate at the speed indicated and in directions that are permitted
  2. Know and skate within their limits and ability
  3. Follow all the signs and warnings posted at the rink
  4. Avoid skating to other roller skaters and objects
  5. Refrain from any conduct that could cause injury to themselves and others

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your accident, you may or may not be responsible for your roller skating accident. You may have tripped due to your skates or a poorly maintained skating area.

Can you sue the rink owner?

The Roller Skating Rink Safety and Fair Liability Act was put in place, in order to clearly demarcate who could sue skating rink owners and under what circumstances. The law prevents skaters from being able to file a lawsuit against the rink, in cases when injuries may have occurred due to loss of balance and contact with objects that aren’t in the intended path of the skater.

Roller skating lessons – You can file a lawsuit if you were injured during a skating lesson due to the negligence of the instructor who failed to properly instruct you.

Reckless conduct – You may also be able to file a lawsuit against the rink owner if your injuries are caused by another skater’s reckless conduct on the rink. In such cases, the jury appointed will decide if the owner can be held accountable for failing to stop the reckless behavior of the other skater.

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