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Inspectors and Contractors Colluding? NYC Building Safety Issues

Posted on Apr 10, 2015 in Construction Accidents

Anyone who is not deeply involved in construction in the New York City area may be surprised and alarmed to find out about widespread charges of corruption related to city development.

In recent weeks, venues like Reuters have come out with reports on how multiple building inspectors and city officials have been colluding with construction companies to overlook safety issues in exchange for bribes.

Rather than being just urban legend, these narratives have led to indictments and documentation of serious illegal practices, such as the deletion of safety violation records by the city’s Housing Preservation and Development agency. There’s evidence that in a multitude of cases, inspectors and others schemed to shelve or bury real safety issues with building construction that may have tragic consequences later.

Who Benefits – And Who is Hurt?

Many of these exchanges that allowed the construction companies to cut corners and ignore safety issues were, according to reports, facilitated by construction “expeditors” looking to represent developers or business leaders, who in turn, were looking for a quick buck. Whoever these expeditors were, they certainly did not represent the construction workers paid to toil on the sites as buildings went up.

Corruption like this is so troubling, in part, because while it pads the pockets of construction companies, it can really hurt the rank-and-file of workers who actually labor in New York City construction projects. Comprehensive safety starts with documenting and evaluating safety for workers as they do the tough jobs that create housing and development spaces for residents. Dishonest systems that cut corners put many of these honest, hard-working individuals in jeopardy, and can lead to serious workplace injuries and even fatalities.

Looking Out for Injured Construction Workers

When someone working in a local construction site is injured on the job, New York City injury attorneys will look specifically at all of the factors that may have led to a construction accident. This includes all of the proper safety precautions mandated or suggested by agencies like OSHA, as well as parts of any building inspection reports or building codes where compliance efforts seem inadequate.

Lawyers will look at whether improper use of materials, lack of personal protective equipment, insufficient labeling of hazards, lack of training or other issues may have led to an accident. It’s all part of helping these injury victims access their rights under the law and secure compensation for the costs of an injury and its aftermath to protect family finances after tragedy hits hard.

Construction workers in New York who have been hurt on the job can contact the law office of Rosenberg, Minc, Falkoff & Wolff. We stand with our clients, keeping them informed of all of their legal options, and helping them through the entire process of filing and pursuing a personal injury claim in New York City courts.


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