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Injured woman awarded $1 million after slip and fall accident

Posted on Feb 27, 2012 in Premises Liability

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When someone is injured as a result of a property owner’s negligence, they should be entitled to compensation. One celebrity will be paying up after a woman fell in her driveway causing her to endure multiple surgeries.

Many New Yorkers are familiar with Paula Abdul. People may be familiar with her from her time on “American Idol” or the “X Factor.” In 2007, Abdul was filming the reality show, “Hey Paula.” However, it wasn’t all glitz and glamour. During the filming, a woman fell in Abdul’s driveway suffering injuries serious enough to force her to undergo a number of back surgeries.

Although a trial date was set, a settlement was recently reached. Abdul has agreed to pay the injured woman $900,000. In addition, the production company affiliated with the reality show has also agreed to pay the woman $100,000.

As evidenced by this case, a slip and fall injury can be life-changing. A person may need to have multiple surgeries and endure lengthy rehabilitation.

Anyone in New York who has suffered an injury due to a slip and fall accident would be wise to work with an experienced attorney. An attorney can investigate an accident and work to prove that a property owner knew about a hazardous condition and did nothing to prevent an accident from occurring.

Although these types of accidents happen all too often, people should not suffer injuries because of another person’s negligence. When they do, they should be able to collect the compensation that they deserve.

Source: E! Online, “Paula Abdul’s Back-Busting Driveway Costs Nearly $1 Million,” Natalie Finn, Feb. 22, 2012


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    To be eligible for pain and suffering compensation, there are injury thresholds that must be met. This threshold is measured as a percentage of a whole person impairment. The requirement is that the injury sustained must result in a permanent impairment of at least 15% of the victim’s whole person. This will be assessed by medical professionals, who are under strict guidelines, and therefore only those injuries which significantly impact the victim’s health status are eligible for compensation.

    Unfortunately, this means that some injuries, while significantly impacting the injured party, may not qualify for compensation. Injuries such as loss of fingers or toes, scarring or loss of taste often do not meet the threshold.

    The Civil Liability Act 2002 has placed monetary caps on compensation for pain and suffering, stating that compensation cannot exceed $350,000, subject to indexation and that interest is not recoverable. Please check out some more on our blog.

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