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10 Most Dangerous Jobs

October 16, 2015 Wrongful Death

Construction workers often land on ‘top ten’ lists of most dangerous jobs across the country. That’s one reason why the state of New York has specific labor laws to protect these workers.

In looking at workplace safety and the real risks that workers face on the job, media venues will sometimes look at statistical lists to determine which types of occupations are considered the most dangerous jobs in the country.

In recent years, analysts have used these lists to express surprise that law enforcement individuals or those who are often considered to be doing explicitly high-risk work for higher pay and benefits are not actually on most of these lists. Instead, many of these roles relate to physical trades where many accidents and injuries are preventable according to workplace safety protocols and safeguards.

Looking at the List

In terms of the most dangerous jobs around, there are several that are near the top of almost any list. For example, in a list from Forbes Magazine based on government statistics, roofers are listed at number four, directly after loggers, fishermen and pilots. General construction laborers are listed at number 10 behind farmers and ranchers, truck drivers, electricians and recycling professionals.

A detailed study directly from the government Bureau of Labor Statistics provides an index of relative risk for fatal occupational injuries as recorded in 1995. Here, roofers were ranked seventh, directly after construction laborers at sixth place. Fishermen and logging professionals topped this list as well, followed by airline production, steelworkers and taxicab drivers.

The Need for Key Workplace Safety Provisions

Although these industries experience tragic rates of fatalities and accidents, many of them can be avoided by improving workplace safety protocols. Companies need to invest in training and safety equipment, as well as personal protective equipment for workers, including things like goggles, gloves, helmets, respiratory masks, heavy boots and harnesses. Companies also need to put in place operational processes that are as safe as they can be.

Unfortunately, too many companies skimp on safety and the results are evident. Although the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration provides penalties and fines for safety offenders, according to many advocates of high-risk workers, safety is not fully incentivized the way that it could be and not all companies keep safety at the forefront.

After a workplace accident, a personal injury attorney will look at an injured worker’s case according to its full context and in consideration of federal, state and local law, as well as case precedent. Injury victims rely on these legal professionals to do the necessary fact-finding and research to back up injury claims. They look to professional injury attorneys for a fair assessment of their legal options and want to know how to move forward with the case.

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